Many guys don't realize just how comfortable thongs can be until they've tried one. At Body Aware, we offer a great selection of high-quality, designer thongs and jock
underwear that will change the way you think about these undies. Even if you've worn thongs before, we'll bet that you haven't worn any as comfortable as these thongs by Body Aware.
The Greek God Thong $19.95
The Cinco String $18.95 $19.95
The Nature Thong $21.95
The Neoprene Bulge Thong $29.95 $35.95

The Floral Mesh Thong $19.95
Gossamer String $18.95
Simply Stripes Thong Bodysuit $36.95
Mini Sparkler G-String $21.95

Essential Ribbed Thong $19.95
Rare Earth Thong $19.95
Invisible Strut Thong $18.95
The Ripstop Frilly Thong $19.95

Bodycon Thong $19.95
The Raspberry G-String $17.95
Neon Lace Jet Thong $21.95
The Snug Thong $18.95

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