Many guys don't realize just how comfortable thongs can be until they've tried one. At Body Aware, we offer a great selection of high-quality, designer thongs and jock
underwear that will change the way you think about these undies. Even if you've worn thongs before, we'll bet that you haven't worn any as comfortable as these thongs by Body Aware.
The Holy Moly Hybrid $23.95
The Cinco String $19.95
The Amazing Bamboo Thong $20.95
The Greek God Thong $19.95

Invisible Strut Thong $18.95
Smooth BA Sport Belt $19.95
Bodycon Thong $19.95
Gossamer String $19.95

Mystery 2 Pack! $16.95
The Buff G-String $13.95
Glow in the Dark Thong $21.95
The Fireworks Thong $19.50

Essential Ribbed Thong $19.95
Satin Corkscrew Thong $21.95
The George Swim Thong $26.95
The Snug Thong $18.95

Rio Night Satin Thong $18.95
The Riveting RipStop Thong $19.95
Neon Lace Jet Thong $21.95
Just Breathe Thong $18.95

We put careful thought into designing and crafting each piece in-house to ensure that our customers get a comfortable, stylish and sexy look. These thongs bare your skin in all the right places while still holding everything in place, making them the perfect combination for all kinds of situations. Wear a special pair for a sexy and exciting encounter or stock up on our basic pieces to get everyday thongs that feel oh-so-comfortable day in and day out. Browsing through our collection gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing thongs, jocks and other skin-baring briefs. With Body Aware, you'll always find a wide range of unique designs that allow you to customize your look to suit your personal style. Our solid color satin, ribbed and rayon thongs, are perfect for the guy with classic tastes who'd like something that's comfortable enough to wear with any outfit. Our jock thongs have a strappy look that's definitely on the sexy side. You can also go all out with thongs made with bright and bold prints, super-sheer fabrics or even a men's backless thong for eye-popping allure from every angle. Don't settle for poorly made, cheap thongs for men. Instead, get a super-comfortable and super-sexy style from Body Aware that will show off your stuff in the very best way. Check out our full collection of thongs and jocks to find the perfect fit for what you have in mind. Orders of $50 or more will receive fast, free shipping.

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