When you want a classic look with a modern twist, shop for boxers at Body Aware.
Our selection of men's underwear is unrivaled in terms of quality and style. You'll love that you can find so many unique boxer styles when you shop on our site.
The Sleek Mesh Boxer $28.95
The Skye Body Boxer $24.95
The Satin Bike Short $24.95
The Burnout Velvet Booty Boxer $18.95

The Satin Running Short $25.95
The Amazing Bamboo Boxer $24.95
Neoprene Zip Boxer $39.95 $44.95
The Buccaneer Body Boxer $16.95 $19.95

The Ninja Mesh Boxer $22.95
Rugby Rip Stop Short $24.95
Glow in the Dark Shorty $28.95
The Sleek Pocket Short $24.95

The Velveteen Mini-Short $24.95
The Just Breathe Booty Short $21.95
The Soft Core Bodyboxer $24.95
The Urban Short $32.95

Terry Towel Shorts $23.95
The Bunny Boxer $22.95

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