We offer a flat rate $4.95 shipping option (FedEx SmartPost) to addresses in the contiguous USA on orders under $75, and free on orders of $75 and above. Other faster options that you can select at checkout are detailed below.

International Shipping - Customs and Duties charges ARE INCLUDED at checkout

FedEx 2 Day & FedEx Overnight Shipping


We offer good rates on FedEx 2 Day & FedEx Overnight shipping. We highly recommend using this shipment service, if you are living in the United States, because it is very reliable and it saves you a lot of time and money. The prices of our FedEx shipping are calculated by the weight of the order during checkout, starting at $6.95. See our International Shipping section below for information on our FedEx International Shipping option.

Delivery to PO Boxes

Please be aware that FedEx 2 Day and Overnight do not ship to U.S. Post Office Boxes, only the post office has access to such boxes. If we receive an order from you that is being shipped to a PO Box we will have to email you to request a different address. This could possibly slow down your shipment’s delivery progress but we do this to ensure accurate delivery. Please select Priority Shipping if you are looking for expedited shipping to U.S. PO Boxes.

Selecting FedEx During the Thursday Time Window

 If you order using FedEx 2-Day in the Thursday time window we will try to send your order to you using the Saturday delivery option.  Please be aware that this service is not available in all areas and so your order may arrive the following Monday.  Please check with your local FedEx Store to check to see if this option is available in your area if you are unsure whether they will deliver on Saturdays.  We do not recommend using this option during the Thursday window because there is no guarantee that it will arrive to you on Saturday.  If you need a guaranteed delivery before the weekend in this scenario, we highly recommend using FedEx Overnight so that it arrives to you on Friday at day’s end. 

Selecting FedEx During the Friday Or Weekend Time Window

It is highly recommended that you do not select any FedEx shipping during the Friday or weekend time window. We will still ship these orders to honor the amount that was paid for the selected shipping, but there are many disadvantages to selecting this method during this specific window. FedEx does not deliver Overnight packages on Saturday that were shipped on Friday, thus any order placed using FedEx during the Friday order window will be delivered on Monday. The FedEx 2 Day option, if selected during the Friday window will arrive on the following Tuesday. If FedEx was selected during the Saturday or Sunday window, the order will not be shipped until Monday (this does not include holidays when we are not open).

FedEx Shipping Terms

Body Aware is not responsible for any perceived delays in your shipment due to incorrect addresses submitted by the customer, late ordering times, or FedEx orders placed on Friday or weekend time windows.

United State Postal Service Shipping


All USPS delivery times are estimates. USPS does not guarantee delivery estimates and therefore we also cannot guarantee delivery times of packages sent using their services. We do not offer any refunds on shipping costs if the package arrives later than the original estimate provided by USPS.  95% of the time we find the United States Postal Service to be a reliable carrier with no discrepancies in the tracking or the timing of delivery.  The other 5% of the time, the USPS can make mistakes in the tracking information that is sent to you and may scan the package as delivered as much as a day before they actually deliver it, or worse, very occasionally not even deliver your order to you at all.  Unfortunately, these mistakes make for a disappointing experience when ordering online and we recommend one of our other shipping options available at check out to ensure a better shipping experience over any of the shipping options provided by the USPS. We still offer First class and Priority options from the USPS to our customers as sometimes these are the only options available to them or simply just prefer these options. Please be aware that choosing shipping options from the USPS involves some risk.  If you have a missing or undelivered package please contact us and we will make sure that you are taken care of.

First Class Shipping

First Class shipping is the cheapest and the slowest shipping option available from the USPS.  When selecting this as a shipping option during checkout, the USPS will estimate delivery time.  In our experience this can be inaccurate and is only an estimation, please do not rely on this shipping time.  If you need a guaranteed delivery time, please select our FedEx options as this is more reliable.  If your order is over one pound in weight, this option will not be available and Priority shipping will be the only shipping option available from the Post Office.

Priority Shipping

Priority shipping is the only option available from the Post Office when the order is over a pound (16 ounces), it is also calculated based on weight and geographic distance from Scottsdale, AZ.  Priority shipping can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days depending on how far away the shipping destination is.  The shipping speed is not guaranteed by the Post Office and is only an estimation.  If you are in a shipping time crunch please use FedEx over Priority, it is more reliable and rarely makes any delivery mistakes.

USPS tracking shows delivered, but there is no package in my mailbox?

Often time, USPS will mark the shipment delivered when it's still on its way to the destination. If you receive a notification saying your package is delivered today, but the package is not found, please allow 2 more business days for delivery. If your package is not delivered, please contact us at all@bodyaware.com 

FedEx SmartPost


Body Aware utilizes a service called FedEx SmartPost to send all our flat rate and free shipping orders sent within the United States. We have found this to be a faster and more reliable shipping alternative.  What happens is FedEx Ground picks up all these orders and using their existing delivery infrastructure, ships your order to your front door.  FedEx tracking provides full tracking and shows a photo of delivery.

Delivery usually occurs within 5 business days.

FedEx SmartPost can be delivered to USPS PO Boxes.

Economy Flat Rate Shipping

We offer flat rate shipping using the FedEx SmartPost option for $4.95 if your order is under $75 and within the Continental United States.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is quoted at cost at checkout, depending on the address and weight.

Free Shipping

If your order is $75 or more and shipped within the continental United States, you can enjoy free shipping using the FedEx SmartPost.

International Shipping


Customs and Duties charges ARE INCLUDED at checkout

Shipping charges are based on weight and the customs/duty of the items purchased.  These fees are charged by your Federal Government and are collected by our company at checkout. Customs fees are pre-paid. If you refuse this delivery and have it sent back to our offices here in the United States, you will not be eligible for a refund of your shipping fees and you will be charged a 10% restocking fee.

Shipping times vary from country to country, depending on local delivery service, customs processing times, and/or national holidays. These delays are beyond our control and can sometimes alter your original delivery estimates.

FedEx International Priority & DHL Worldwide

Our fastest and most secure options available for shipping internationally from the United States are using FedEx Priority International or DHL Express Worldwide.  Please note that these two services may not be available in your area but are available in most.  If you are unsure, please consult your local FedEx or DHL store to see if your address is eligible for delivery.

FedEx International Connect Plus/DHL Express Worldwide

This shipping option is our most popular and cost-effective shipping option available to our international customers.  Its transit time is usually within 7 days.

Our Fulfillment Process

We pride ourselves on our incredibly fast processing and shipping time.  We pull and pack orders every business day (Monday-Friday) from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM MT in Scottsdale, AZ.  If you place an order during this time window, we will have your order shipped out for you that same day.  Any orders placed after 2:00 PM MT will be shipped on the next business day and thus part of the following day’s “time window”. This means if you place an order after our time window has been closed on a Friday, your order will be packed and shipped on the following Monday and thus is part of the “Monday time window”.  During the end of the year’s holiday season, we see increased order volume as well as a slow down in some mail carriers’ delivery times.  Rest assured, we will always have your orders shipped in a timely fashion with a tracking number emailed to you.