Nothing Better Than a Swim Thong

Nothing Better Than a Swim Thong

One of the most enjoyable sensations during the summer months is to be able to walk around the house completely naked. The warm weather provides the opportunity to enjoy nudity without worrying about being cold.  A warm breeze through an open window feels amazing on exposed skin.

What’s better than walking around naked? Swimming naked!

Most of us have skinny dipped at least once in our lives. There really is no sensation like being completely nude and feeling the water course over your entire body.  The problem is that, swimming nude is frowned upon in most communities. I’m here to tell you about the next best thing, wearing a thong while swimming!



I personally hate the trend in men’s swimwear/shorts that make for big baggy “shorts” that in some cases come to mid calf. (See last week's blog to read about my new affinity for shorts). Once you get a  baggy swimsuit like that wet, it’s like being wrapped up in a wet towel. Not exactly the most comfortable or sexy feeling.

I bought my first swim thong years ago from right here at BodyAware! I knew I couldn’t go skinny dipping, but figured if the ladies could wear a thong then so could I! My pool back then was in my backyard in a fairly congested neighborhood. My yard was far from private so I couldn’t swim nude, but I could wear a thong. My first lap in the pool in my new swimwear was amazing! As close to being nude as I could get!  I loved the feel of the cool water on my exposed buns! If the neighbors were watching, they never mentioned my choice of swimwear. I would swim, tan and just enjoy the pool wearing as little as possible. My partner loved my choice of swimwear and they would tell me how much they enjoyed the view!



So this summer why not try something new? The George Swim Thong has full brief style coverage in the front but leaves your back side completely exposed.  Wear it at home or at the beach and feel sexier in your swimwear than you ever have before!

Right now as I write this it’s 100 degrees out and I’m sliding into my thong suit to enjoy my pool!

Have a great week and try and stay cool!


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I have been wearing thongs on the public beach for about 25 years. For more than a dozen years I would go out and every week do three morning runs on the sand in a thong. Anyone on the beach in the morning would see me running by in a thong, both coming and going.

It helps that I live in Fort Lauderdale, which has become thong friendly simply by regulars persisting in wearing thongs and being visible in our thong swimsuits. Many years ago people would ask the lifeguards or police if that was legal. Once that was settled the lifeguards just tell them yes, thongs are perfectly OK, and so they just go back to their own business.

You just need the courage to wear a thong in public when others are not. If you get an ignorant comment from a redneck or group of teenage boys shrug it off with a smile. Most of the response I get is very positive and supportive. Lots of smiles, thumbs up, words of encouragement and the occasional date.

You just need a thong and a little courage. If you thong confidently and openly, without sneaking around or looking furtive, people will be attracted to you, because courage is both infectious and sexy.

Coming up on the last weekend of July there is an annual event called SunSplash, where a bunch of thongers come for the weekend in Fort Lauderdale. This provides mutual support for some who are a little shy about wearing thongs in public. Mostly members of the Thong Wearers Message Board, which is a good resource for finding out which beaches, parks and pools are thong friendly.


I fully agree with all the comments above! I grew up wearing “speedos” for swim events and races and before I knew it, boardshorts were the approved norm. It continues to be a double standard and I continue to defy the crowd by wearing swimming trunks at most to thongs when possible and skimpy in-between styles like string bikinis to tangas and Rio cheeky briefs when the mood strikes.

My favourite design is the half back or three-quarter back where while not a full thong, it does give a whole lot of cheek and people dont know what to say but they sure do take a good, long look whilst trying to decide and that is good enough for me.

The George swim thong will be on my next order list!


I have started wearing a short pair of swim shorts. I would love to get up the courage and find a place to add in a swim brief.


I was in Tampa on a business trip in 2010. It was the middle of February so I didn’t think that the weather would be nice enough for my regular speedo. But I drove to Clearwater beach with the intentions of going to one of the numerous surf shops and buying a pair of swim briefs when I found a rack with nothing but men’s thong swimwear. So I tried on a couple pairs and loved the way the string really showed off my gym body. I wound up buying the skimpiest one they had. I went to my car and put it on and went straight to the beach. I didn’t care about the odd looks I got when I dropped my beach towel sporting my new thong. I strutted my sexy little ass out into the water and back a couple of times and and didn’t think twice about it. I did this the entire week and on the Friday that I was supposed to leave someone came to me and told me that men couldn’t wear thongs in Clearwater and that they were actually illegal on Clearwater beach. That’s what’s wrong. Too many laws to govern what men can and can’t wear and how much material you have to wear. I wasn’t walking around with my business hanging out just minding my own business. The ladies liked what they saw. I even got a few numbers while I was there.


Totally agree with this! And for anyone in doubt I’d say that change has to start somewhere. Being in a Midwest state doesn’t lend itself to openmindness. But, that said, the more people see/hear something the more normal it becomes. Not to say I am the first one in by any means, but if I love doing something (and by all means wearing thongs daily is one of them) then I am going to. Don’t be afraid to be the catalyst for the change you want to see happen. You only have one life anyways so like I say f*** em I’m doing me and LOVING every second.


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