Nothing Better Than a Swim Thong

Nothing Better Than a Swim Thong

One of the most enjoyable sensations during the summer months is to be able to walk around the house completely naked. The warm weather provides the opportunity to enjoy nudity without worrying about being cold.  A warm breeze through an open window feels amazing on exposed skin.

What’s better than walking around naked? Swimming naked!

Most of us have skinny dipped at least once in our lives. There really is no sensation like being completely nude and feeling the water course over your entire body.  The problem is that, swimming nude is frowned upon in most communities. I’m here to tell you about the next best thing, wearing a thong while swimming!



I personally hate the trend in men’s swimwear/shorts that make for big baggy “shorts” that in some cases come to mid calf. (See last week's blog to read about my new affinity for shorts). Once you get a  baggy swimsuit like that wet, it’s like being wrapped up in a wet towel. Not exactly the most comfortable or sexy feeling.

I bought my first swim thong years ago from right here at BodyAware! I knew I couldn’t go skinny dipping, but figured if the ladies could wear a thong then so could I! My pool back then was in my backyard in a fairly congested neighborhood. My yard was far from private so I couldn’t swim nude, but I could wear a thong. My first lap in the pool in my new swimwear was amazing! As close to being nude as I could get!  I loved the feel of the cool water on my exposed buns! If the neighbors were watching, they never mentioned my choice of swimwear. I would swim, tan and just enjoy the pool wearing as little as possible. My partner loved my choice of swimwear and they would tell me how much they enjoyed the view!



So this summer why not try something new? The George Swim Thong has full brief style coverage in the front but leaves your back side completely exposed.  Wear it at home or at the beach and feel sexier in your swimwear than you ever have before!

Right now as I write this it’s 100 degrees out and I’m sliding into my thong suit to enjoy my pool!

Have a great week and try and stay cool!


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Less is more. I converted from bikinis to thongs years ago. Though – like many have noted in this blog – not all American beaches are accepting. I usually wear some cargo shorts over my thong or g-string. If the vibe is good, the thong is on. You have to be confident and respectful ( regardless of what you wear), but I love the freedom. Lap swimming is amazing and – most of all – the tan lines are always fun.


My favorite thong beach is Assateague Island, Maryland. Thongs are legal on MD beaches, but it’s best to be in a “thong friendly” section. If you park at the state park, then hike 45 minutes north…. past the “Nudity Prohibited” signs (LOL)…. you start to see thongers. In the 90’s, it was still a non-official nude beach; even now you can sit and sun nude, but wear a thong if up and about or taking a stroll. Next summer, I’ll try the Invisible Strut Thong.


If you haven’t ever been swimming nude you’ve missed out. If shyness is the issue, a thong is the answer. It’s light and comfortable and contributes to an interesting tan line.
I prefer swimming, paddling, and kayaking nude. But there are times and places it just won’t work. Having a thong is the ultimate compromise.
Just try it!


I have been wearing thongs and g-strings as swimsuits for over 20 years. I bought a few at a swim shop at the beach. I was more excited than nervous the first time on beach in one. But I knew they were legal on the beach where I bought them. Since then I have bought several g-strings from here and several pairs of rip stop shorts as cover ups. I live outside Atlanta and there is a corp of engineer lake here. I have never had an issue wearing a thong or g-string there. But earlier this year I sent an email to make sure it was still legal. The reply said thongs are fine as long as you are covered. Since then I have talked to several park rangers while wearing a tiny thong. I find more and more people are accepting of my choice of swimsuits, and I couldn’t be happier. The only thing that feels better than being out on the lake in a thong or g-string is of course being nude, which is not allowed. So guys, try a thong. You will never go back to other types of suits. You will love the freedom you feel and the admiring stares and compliments. Last year I went to visit family, they said bring a swimsuit, I had to go out and buy one- now what will I ever do with it?


I’ve been wearing swim thongs to polols and beaches for years. While not all places allow thong swimwear many do. The most I wear is a rio back suit when a thing pong is forbidden. I’ve been all over the country (USA) wearing thing swimwear from Miami to Cape Cod to Denver to San Diego and the Great Lakes. While often I am the only man wearing a thong or anything less than board shorts, most of the time I get great responses. Last month in Denver I had two women tell they liked everything about me and liked my style. On Cape Cod I had a woman say thank you to me. In Las Vegas I had women ask for photos with me. I’ve had men come up to me and ask where They could get a suit like mine. The key is to be confident, smile and be friendly.


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