The Gift of You!

The Gift of You!

I remember the first time my partner saw me wearing my satin briefs from Body Aware.  We hadn’t been together for long, and she didn’t know about my love for underwear.  She seemed pretty open and trustworthy, but still, I found my heart beating a bit more rapidly; I was both nervous and excited!  Taking off my jeans she said, “Oh my god! I love this! You look like a present!” Her response couldn’t have made me happier.

I loved her thinking of me like this - a present.  Perhaps I am getting more sentimental as I grow older, but I finally understand that the greatest gift you can give to another person is the gift of yourself.  I’ve learned that now as a parent, a spouse, and a lover. To be fully yourself, to be present and intimate with other people is really the best we can do, and in giving this we can also receive the same in return.

When I say to be fully yourself, I mean that in every possible way.  I know this might sound strange on an underwear blog, but in my experience undies have played a big role for me.  I was with my last partner for about 15 years, and the entire time she shamed me for my interest in underwear. This, in turn, made me feel poorly for wanting to wear thongs, anything lace, and satin.  I would still wear all these things, but I hid them from her, and that never felt good. I recognize now that this was terrible. Mutually, both of us lost in denying something that seemed an essential part of me.  I had to hide something within myself and her. Therefore, she never got the gift of enjoying something that makes me feel so good about myself, and thus never really got the full gift of me.

As a man today, I think it takes great strength and confidence to wear lace or thongs or satin in front of another.  Many would find this an affront to masculinity, but in reality sharing, yourself fully takes real courage, and in this way showing your true colors is a tremendous gift.  And if these are things that feel important to you as they do to me, sharing them with another also takes trust and shows that you are really willing to be yourself. Indeed, I can say the first time I wore these kinds of underwear for my current partner, I was both excited and terrified.  I was confident and also vulnerable, and to me, these are the markers of real intimacy.

There is a much simpler way to think about these things.  You know when you get a present on your birthday or Christmas, and the giver took tremendous care in wrapping the gift to make it look loved and enticing?  I like to think of underwear in this way, as a beautiful wrapping for sharing the gift that is me.

To be fully yourself, showing all your quirks, kinks, fetishes, strengths and weakness is real intimacy, and speaking from my experience this is what I really crave.  I love how I use my underwear and panties to express myself to my partner, as a sort of gift wrapping to show her more of who I am inside. And how it makes me feel special when I share this side of myself with her.  

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This is the best blog yet!! I really resonated with this bit! As a man today, I think it takes great strength and confidence to wear lace or thongs or satin in front of another. Many would find this an affront to masculinity, but in reality sharing, yourself fully takes real courage, and in this way showing your true colors is a tremendous gift. And if these are things that feel important to you as they do to me, sharing them with another also takes trust and shows that you are really willing to be yourself. My partner was delighted and aroused when I revealed myself wearing her lace knickers and since then I have a rather large collection which she loves to see me in! The thing I am still uncomfortable with is how my friends and family would react (society in general) and yes I feel that my masculinity would be questioned but the irony is that it takes real courage and to be confident in your masculinity to express yourself in a way society isn’t used to! I wish I could be blasé about my friends knowing but I’m always very careful not to let any lace or satin poke out my trousers! Its a shame really xx


Let’s be quite clear on the subject, wearing silk underwear will never change a persons sexual orientation, if it did, all those women who wear trouser suits, jeans Ben Sherman shirts and slacks would be in real trouble. I find it ridiculous that discussions about what men should or shouldn’t wear is still going on in 2021. If the woman in your life can’t accept you for who you are, I would question whether you should stay with her, this of course applies both ways. The one caveat I always apply is this, do you look good in whatever you wear? If it doesn’t, find something which does. I started wearing sheer nylon and satin briefs in my early twenties for three reasons. Firstly, I liked the look and feel of them, secondly they improved the line of my slacks as they are far less bulky than traditional underwear. Especially after my very cool and trendy mother persuaded me to wear some very sexy silk lined leather trousers which were a very close fit and left little to the imagination! But thirdly and most important of all, I wanted to look good for my girlfriend who absolutely loved the trouble I had gone to for her. Far from being shocked she was delighted about it and I must have been doing something right because we were together for fourteen years. That was thirty years ago, yet we are still discussing the same old topic, should we or shouldn’t we be wearing silk underwear? Of course you should if you wish to and it makes you feel happy and more confident. Interestingly in Roman times, when the Romans encountered the Celts and saw they wore trousers, they thought that was effeminate. They thought that it was far more manly to bare your legs and wear a skirt! How times change. The important thing is to be open and confident, that is the only way to change the prevailing attitude that those in society have on the subject. BA have done a lot for the fashion in men’s underwear and nowadays there are an increasing number of companies making and selling designer undies for men. There is an increasing realization that from a business point of view, this is a very sound commercial move. After all, men potentially represent fifty percent of the consumer market.


As you grow older, the confidence to wear manties grows. Your partner should embrace your creative and adventurous side and love you for who you are! If they shame you over wearing manties of any style (thong, tanga, brief) they really should stop and take a step back to realize you are being an expressive individual, not a freak of nature. And you chose to share a side of you at a time where you are most vulnerable. The Body Aware product is adventurous, flirty and fun! To me, it instills confidence and sexiness. When I unwrap myself for my partner, I hope they see a playful and fun side. Someone who is into their body and own sexuality and will translate that same passion into their sexual experience with their partner. It’s a win-win situation if you play it right!


I am in full agreement here. It is time that guys should feel sexy, and free to wear whatever we choose for our underwear. I love that there are so many choices now, mostly online, but still they are growing in popularity. I am a very regular guy, no desire to pretend I’m anything else. Ido not relate to the term “crossdresser”. To me that just doesn’t resonate with who I am. It’s cool that some guys like that term, and it suits how they feel. Me, I love wearing lace, satin, and the sexier the better, I love even wearing frilly panties made to fit us guys. Nothing is more exciting to me, than a regular masculine guy, wearing sexy underwear under this jeans or shorts. I am a gay guy so I have no experience on how a woman reacts when she sees her guy like that, but I am finding that more gay guys are accepting of it than they used to be. It is all about how you feel about yourself. Confidence is super sexy……wear what we like, be confident and proud of it, and you will find that more often than not, others will see that in you, and definitely give you their nod of appreciation and acceptance. I smile when I think of the day when a guy can strip down to his lace, satin or whatever sexy underwear he is wearing, in a locker room without any fear. Keep it up guys, let’s make sure the underwear revolution grows stronger every day!


It is rather depressing in these Covid-19 times that when we need a little joy, we still feel ashamed to wear what underwear we really want to make us feel happy, and worse still is if our partner makes fun or disapproves of our personal preferences. In my youth, long ago, underwear in UK was basically tighty whities (big baggy Jocky briefs with fly openings), colours were taboo for men. So a glimpse of a girls colourful knickers under her dress was very intriguing. My first foray into something different was when I found a piece of red fabric in my mothers sewing box, and made myself a pair of very rudimentary briefs. Of course I had to hide them and couldn’t put them in the laundry. Since then I have moved on and can within reason wear what I like including frilly panties, but there is not that feeling of being 100% free due to society and partners still having basic expectations of what is acceptable for men to wear. I think its wonderful that Bodyaware pushed the envelope for us and deserves our support.


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