Ron's Picks: Gifts for Every Man

Ron's Picks: Gifts for Every Man

Christmas is right around the corner and I bet you’re wondering what to give your man. If you’re reading this then you’re thinking of getting him something sexy to wear. Here at Body Aware we have lots of great items that can be just as much for you as they can for him!

Here are a few gift ideas that I think you will both enjoy.

When is the last time your man got a new swimsuit? I bet it was a while ago and I bet it’s a pair of oversized shorts. If your man really enjoys spending time in the water why not get him a new sexy comfortable suit. We have several designs that will be comfortable for him and eye candy for you!

Does your man like shorts? When the weather is warm there’s nothing like a pair of shorts to keep you cool. Our shorts are designed to fit his anatomy just right and be the most comfortable pair he’s ever owned.

Does your man like to work outside in the cold weather? Does he like to exercise?  Is he a fan of lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday in his PJ’s? If so then may I suggest a pair of leggings. They are much more comfortable than your typical jogging pants and I guarantee you’ll love the way his butt looks in them!

Speaking of butts; How about a new thong for your man? Maybe he’s never worn one? Christmas is the season of giving. Let him unwrap a new thong and he gets a new pair of undies and you get an eyeful!! We have thongs in many styles and materials. Some of them are quite skimpy and leave little to the imagination. But that’s the point right? I personally love the sprayed on metal look of the Mini Sparkler G-string. The silver/chrome one will match the tinsel on your tree nicely!

My last idea get’s into the area that’s a little naughty. Our sister site, Epic Leopard, offers toys, lubes, undies and jewelry that will definitely spice up your Christmas. We have a special section of items for the beginner. Have a look, and get him a toy you can both play with.

Shopping with us could be your first step on the journey to a sexier Christmas. As always, if you have questions about any or our products we will be happy to answer them.

Thanks for shopping with Body Aware.


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