Showing a little leg is never a bad thing, especially when you do it with style. Men's shorts by Body Aware
offer a super-chic way to show some skin and accentuate your assets.
Metallic Track Shorts $29.95
Rugby Rip Stop Short $25.95
Glistening Satin Gym Shorts $25.95
Rip Stop Booty Short $24.95

The Padded Codpiece Short $49.95
Glistening Satin Track Shorts $25.95
Rip Stop Track Short $29.95
Metallic Gym Shorts $29.95

The Alley Oop Short $28.95
The Modern Mid-Short $32.95
Neoprene Zip Boxer $44.95
Rare Earth Short $29.95

Vintage Gym Shorts $24.95
A pair of form-fitting short-shorts is sure to make you look hotter than ever while also giving you a boost of confidence. Whether you wear them to the beach, to the gym or just for hanging out at home, these sleek styles combine fun fashion with sophisticated design to create a distinctive look that others will notice. At Body Aware, we offer a variety of shorts suited to different activities and occasions. Picking out a few pairs will have you covered for a variety of outfits. Some of our favorites include our vintage gym shorts and track shorts, both of which are ideal for hitting the gym, going for a run, playing some touch football with the guys or engaging in any kind of sport. Our booty shorts and satin short shorts are perfect for casual outfits or lounging around the house; they're super-soft, super-comfortable and yet still super-stylish, and they come in some of our brightest and boldest colors to boot. There are also some sexy men's shorts in this collection that are sure to make your partner swoon, like our shiny nylon shorts and our industrial shorts made with stretchy PVC. Whether you want something comfy and casual or daring and dangerous, you'll find it in this collection of Body Aware men's shorts. Make your manhood look amazing and feel free from the restrictions of longer shorts and pants by wearing any of these Body Aware shorts for men. When you order from us, you'll get a high-quality pair of shorts that's been carefully designed in-house and made in the U.S.. Order yours today and get free shipping when you spend $50 or more.

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