4 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Leggings

4 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Leggings

Spring is here! Depending on where you are in the world, it could either still be pretty chilly, or temperatures are finally starting to warm up. For us here in Scottsdale AZ, it’s definitely on the warmer side of the spectrum (a little above 90 degrees Fahrenheit), but we realize that our region of the country is a bit of a special one. With the temperatures being somewhat in-between, it could be hard to find the right apparel for lounging, working out, or to just wear under your clothes. If you’re in this position, we suggest a pair of leggings. Here are some reasons why.



1. They’re INCREDIBLY Comfortable


This is honestly the most important reason, if you ask me. I would wear them everywhere, if I could. They make lounging at home such a blissful experience, and if you decide to wear them out, you’ll be so surprised about how happy you feel because of just how cozy they are.


2. Great for Working Out


Though they cover the whole leg, most leggings are still breathable enough to wear as part of your workout outfit. They’re very form-fitting for your legs, but they do move with your body, so you’ll barely even notice that they’re there. Could wear them under gym shorts for an extra layer (if it's a little cooler, outside) or on their own. 


3. They Can Double as Thermals


Since it’s not blazing hot everywhere, like it is here in Scottsdale, leggings could still be very useful for those who are still in the cold season. When I was living in Flagstaff AZ, which gets a decent amount of snow per year, I was always surprised just how cold your legs can get, even with a pair of jeans over them. Having a pair of leggings would have definitely helped me in situations like that, since they cling to your leg so well, keep your legs insulated, and are so comfortable, you won’t even feel them under your pants!


4. They Can Complete a Casual Outfit


They’d look pretty sleek with a long t-shirt, a pair of your favorite sneakers, and a hoodie. They can act as a sportier skinny jean, keeping you cozy and free as you go about your day. It’s a bit unconventional to have as part of an everyday outfit, when it comes to men’s fashion, but try playing around with it! You may just find out that you want to wear leggings every day.


Have we piqued your interest on leggings, yet? If you're interested in trying them out, feel free to browse our collection of leggings that will make you look sleek, comfortable, and on-trend any time of the year.

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I have been wearing compression leggings when running for over 20 years. I quickly realised that wearing shorts over the top defeated the purpose of wearing the leggings, i.e. comfort, freedom of movement, sweat wicking, etc. I also wear them in the gym and several of the instructors, male and female, have said they look good.
I have always worn compression leggings for Pilates, which I started doing as part of injury management /prevention for my main sport. The Physio told me to wear them because, just like ballet tights, they allowed her to see the muscle groups working, with the bonus that they provide good support.
I have been to the shops and elsewhere when returning from the gym, while still wearing the leggings without tracksuit over-pants.
The Pilates studio I attend have themed sessions occasionally, e.g. Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, so we have a dress up competition. Net result is that my collection of leggings is now quite large! I would happily wear them more often.
There was recently a charity “Activewear Day” for women in Australia, promoted by a women’s leggings brand, but when I asked whether blokes could take part, I did not get a reply. Perhaps I should organise my own?
Overall, the complaints by some about form-fitting clothing “displaying” male genitalia is just prudish puritanism. That some hotels in the USA do not allow men to wear Speedos / bathing briefs at the pool, but let women wear thong bikinis is laughable. Sporting attire does not “display” men’s genitalia, that is a by-product of form-fitting, functional wear. Women say men should look at their face and not stare at their chest. Well, it works both ways..


I wear women leggings that I have quite a lots cos it so comfortable and wear most of time.. love it .


I have been wearing women’s and men’s leggings for years, in ladies there are more choices. I don’t care what people think. I’m 65.


I’m 62 and have been wearing leggings/compression pants for 5 or more years. Exercising and cleaning around the house mostly .. I’m retired so I do the house work while my wife works.. I do yard work and other outside house work in them. I have run to the store and gas station a few times, and one small sopping trip. So comfortable to wear.. people do stare though..


I am a 58 year-old straight guy, and I bought my first pair of leggings in 1986. I have worn them for running, working out in the gym, Pilates class and casually hanging out since then. I keep my self physically fit, and I choose my undergarments carefully to eliminate VPLs – both varieties. As a result, I rock a clean, sleek uninterrupted line from my waist to my ankles. The compliments are endless. Gentlemen – please ditch the baggy shorts and get to know the freedom and confidence I have known for over 3 decades!


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