4 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Leggings

4 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Leggings

Spring is here! Depending on where you are in the world, it could either still be pretty chilly, or temperatures are finally starting to warm up. For us here in Scottsdale AZ, it’s definitely on the warmer side of the spectrum (a little above 90 degrees Fahrenheit), but we realize that our region of the country is a bit of a special one. With the temperatures being somewhat in-between, it could be hard to find the right apparel for lounging, working out, or to just wear under your clothes. If you’re in this position, we suggest a pair of leggings. Here are some reasons why.



1. They’re INCREDIBLY Comfortable


This is honestly the most important reason, if you ask me. I would wear them everywhere, if I could. They make lounging at home such a blissful experience, and if you decide to wear them out, you’ll be so surprised about how happy you feel because of just how cozy they are.


2. Great for Working Out


Though they cover the whole leg, most leggings are still breathable enough to wear as part of your workout outfit. They’re very form-fitting for your legs, but they do move with your body, so you’ll barely even notice that they’re there. Could wear them under gym shorts for an extra layer (if it's a little cooler, outside) or on their own. 


3. They Can Double as Thermals


Since it’s not blazing hot everywhere, like it is here in Scottsdale, leggings could still be very useful for those who are still in the cold season. When I was living in Flagstaff AZ, which gets a decent amount of snow per year, I was always surprised just how cold your legs can get, even with a pair of jeans over them. Having a pair of leggings would have definitely helped me in situations like that, since they cling to your leg so well, keep your legs insulated, and are so comfortable, you won’t even feel them under your pants!


4. They Can Complete a Casual Outfit


They’d look pretty sleek with a long t-shirt, a pair of your favorite sneakers, and a hoodie. They can act as a sportier skinny jean, keeping you cozy and free as you go about your day. It’s a bit unconventional to have as part of an everyday outfit, when it comes to men’s fashion, but try playing around with it! You may just find out that you want to wear leggings every day.


Have we piqued your interest on leggings, yet? If you're interested in trying them out, feel free to browse our collection of leggings that will make you look sleek, comfortable, and on-trend any time of the year.

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I’ve been wearing tights in the gym for the longest time now. I wear them alone with no shorts on top. I’m not conscious at all of what others think. Nobody seems to care. And that’s how I like it.


I’m 44 and a straight guy. I’ve liked wearing leggings in the past but just have recently made them my go to. I’ve worn running tights to run (and have noticed women checking me out because of it). I’ve worn baselayer tights under under shorts for yoga and working out as well. The thing is, I came to the realization that men’s tights are expensive and there isn’t a whole lot to choose from. Women’s tights on the other hand, are pretty much the same thing but offer way more selection, tend to be made out of nicer feeling fabrics, are cheaper and the wastebands are more comfortable to me. My wife was like, “yeah, why do you think I like wearing them?” With the quarantine going on, I’ve switched to almost exclusively wearing leggings around the house and have ordered a few new pairs even. Not sure about wearing out in public yet but I’m certainly comfy sitting at home.


I find them very comfortable, and they look better than regular jeans.
I can wear leggings in the gym.
I can wear the skinny jeans or spray on jeans almost anywhere.
And I have found faux leather that gives the look of real leather, but the clean silhouette look that I am looking for.
“All pause for the male ego”.
Yes I have real leather pants but they do not stretch and nor do they fit like the polyurethane pants that I have.
I Say that if you are a real man just man up and where what you’re going to wear and except the fact that you want to wear it.


Im 32 and Im wearing all kinds of leggings. From basic cotton to leather, pvc/vinyl and even latex leggings. Also skintight jeans. Im straight guy and leggings are most comfortable piece of cloth ive ever worn. And like that i really dont give a shit for someones opinion because wearing leather, vinyl or latex clothes makes me happy. It doesnt matter, leather/latex leggings or jeans, i love that feeling on my body..I have stopped wearing classic denim jeans, I totally moved to fetish clothes and wearing it from day to day more and more often. As I said, feeling is amazing, very comfortable, and also i get by that a lot of self-confidence. The only problem in all of this, girls staring at me like im a wierdo..it looks like they never saw before guy in leather pants..but there are a lot across the globe rock stars, motor bikers and other straight guys wearing leather clothes..world propaganda is a miracle, they have washed brains to larger amount of humanity..


I am 52, I have been wearing, leggins, running tights, since I was 20. I enjoy the feel and quite often wear them under my work clothes on cooler days or if my muscles are tired. The gym I go to does not allow guys to wear just leggins, tights even though the ones I have are meant to me worn solo, they require shorts over them. I often wear them doing errands and shopping also, yeah I get some odd looks and heard some comments but stopped worrying about it when I was over 40.


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