MMUK MAN Concealer Stick For Men


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Color: C8

The Ultimate Cover Up Makeup For Men

No vain, no gain and there are plenty of gains when it comes to MMUK MAN's expert cover-up concealer stick for men, as featured in Ape To Gentlemen. If you're fed up with unsightly facial imperfections hampering your confidence and look, take a peek at this high performance, no messing camouflaging men's concealer, designed to do exactly what it says on the box. Quickly, easily and effectively cover up a wide variety of imperfections with your new loyal wingman, including spots, blemishes, redness, rough skin, moles, scaring and much much more. Reveal a game-changing complexion whilst preserving your alpha male status with a concealer for men which will certainly put a smile back on your face and has been reviewed by Manface, Britain's leading men's skincare and grooming blog.

Key Concealer For Men Features:

The World's Best Male Cover Up - The MMUK MAN brand really does have the accreditation and reviews to back up the facts. As featured in GQ, Men's Health and Esquire, amongst others, our concealer stick for men has been voted number one by their readers and critically acclaimed to be the 'best male cove-up ever' in GQ's recent Lifestyle Essential feature;, a statement justifying two years of research and development in producing the ultimate cover-up concealer stick for men. By knocking the very popular 2014 winner, Recipe For Men's Concealer off of the top spot, it's clear to see how MMUK MAN's concealer for men really does mean business.

Use Less, Get More - MMUK Man has developed a formula that targets moderate to defined levels of imperfections. The consistency is so enriched with camouflaging pro-actives that you do not need to apply too much to achieve ultimate camouflage. With one concealer stick estimated to last the average makeup for men resident three to four months, our long-lasting formula really will out combat its opponents in every aspect.

Alpha Male Blending - Masculinity is everything and is perfectly maintained in our men's concealer with the sheer power of it's blending ability. The success of makeup for men products often resides in the product's ability to blend into your natural facial construction and tones. Whilst some often falter at doing this, MMUK MAN's expert blending power ensures once dried, there will be no skin inconsistencies raising questions about its subtlety and ultimately, your manhood.

Male Cosmetic Heavy Hitter - This expert men's concealer perfectly disguises the following male facial imperfections: Wrinkles - Dry Skin - Pigment Damage - Rough Skin - Dark Circles - Blackheads - Spots - Fine Lines - Acne - Acne Scaring - Damaged Capillaries - Sunspots - Blemishes - Moles - Scaring - Freckles & Puffy Eye Bags.

How to apply MMUK MAN&'s Concealer For Men

Upon arrival, simply twist up so the product is just above the rim. Apply a small amount to moderate imperfections and a little more to defined ones. Whilst the formula dries and thickens you can expertly blend it in using your fingertips or blender sponge for an even better finish. Lightly press and smooth the product into your skin until it looks completely natural and the blemish disappears. Once complete, lightly brush your fingertip around the very edges of the imperfection using a swiping action to do so. Quickly complete this around 360 degrees of the imperfection to remove any of the product's residue and to achieve world-class blending. 

For an extra professional touch, we have included a blender sponge with your purchase.  This can be substituted for your fingertips in the above application method and allows for perfect blending all day long and an extra professional finish.

  • Size - 10g (.4 oz)
  • Made in Canada

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