MMUK MAN Beard and Brow Filler


Only available on orders over $40
Color: Black

Luxury Brow and Beard Shadow Corrector

MMUK MAN introduces you to their long-awaited Men's Beard Filler, a luxury shadow corrector that fills gaps in beards, defines and sculpts existing facial hair and finally deals with irritating patchy beards, a staggering 38% of men are reported to suffer with. Used on the brows too, MMUK MAN's beard filler can be easily applied to thinning hair, leaving them even in thickness and enhanced, after filling any unwanted gaps in. As featured in the hugely reputable Ape To Gentlemen men's blog, this award-winning cosmetic enhancer finally gives you back the power when mastering your perfect facial forest.

Included with this beard filler for men is a free blending brush, that guarantees to deliver just the right amount of product to the area under the microscope. Simply dab your chosen brush into the product and dust over your problem area using a pressing motion. Remember to not swipe in coloring in motion as this will generate a streaky and unnatural finish.

  • Size - 5g (.2 oz)
  • Made in Canada


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