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This all in one cosmetic product completely breaks the grooming boundaries, offering easy, no-fuss skin perfection, thanks to its 5 in 1 action-packed formula. Providing an anti-shine finish which doesn’t cake or look in any way feminine, MMUK MAN’s revolutionary men’s ‘blemish balm’ (BB) cream creates the illusion of an enhanced, smooth and imperfection free complexion all day long.

MMUK MAN’s 5 in 1 Formula:

Age Defence – MMUK MAN’s BB cream for men offers superior daily skin protection, blocking environmental debris, toxins, and impurities from entering the skin. The result? Read between the blurred lines of men’s anti-aging with superior age defense technology present in this master cream and simply look younger for longer. Prevent darkening, sagging, and fatigue with a firming product that improves elasticity and overall tone.

Inbuilt Tint – Re-energize dense pore zones with a completely masculine hint of color to achieve a more radiant and healthier finish. Such radiant coverage is coupled with moisturizing and hydrating elements to improve your skin’s surface and actively tackle common facial imperfections and dry skin.

Brightening Enzymes – Brightening catalysts further add radiance and a healthy matte glow to the skin and form millions of microscopic light-diffusing shields on the skin’s surface to refract light and minimize the appearance of rough and damaged skin.

Sebum Controlling – Oil-absorbing particles combine to create an anti-shine finish and a non-glow surface, characteristics present in many less superior men’s makeup products.

Whitening molecules – Such molecules re-plump stress lines, wrinkles and fine lines on men, creating the appearance of a younger and revitalized complexion. Give your anti-aging regime a real kick start or start off as you mean to go on if you are a younger guy worried about the effects of aging.

  • Size - 40ml (1.2 fl oz)
  • Made in Canada

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