MMUK MAN Anti-Redness Moisturizer


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Face Cream With Nourishing Deep Lime Extract

Redness, irritation and a flared up complexion can finally be correctly treated with MMUK MAN’s Anti-Redness Men’s Moisturizer. This powerful daily moisturizer for Acne and Rosacea contains calming and nourishing properties to soothe and heal your confidence in damaging skin. Containing a revolutionary extract of Deep Lime, this moisturizer has been built for normal to dry and sensitive skin types, whilst its softening cream provides enough hydration, without leaving a greasy feel on your skin. Containing Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba, Avocado and Grape Seed Oil also, MMUK MAN has dedicated this formula to guys who are constantly battling daily redness and in need of a massive boost. Use this moisturizer daily, alone, or prior to the application of further enhancing men’s makeup products, such as foundation and concealer. Powered with Green Tea, Shea Butter and Antioxidant also, protect your skin regularly with the soothing power of MMUK MAN, as recently featured in GQ.

  • Size - 40ml (1.2 fl oz)
  • Made in Canada


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