Tosu II By Meo | Style Code PL965 | $169.95 $129.95

It’s the smallest, self-contained sex machine in the world!

This butt plug is all about physics but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy the incredible inner thrusting action of the Meo Tosu II Butt Plug. On the outside, this premium butt plug is crafted from top quality aluminium with a stunning finish. Inside, there are two precision machined balls which shift back and forth with every movement, forcing their kinetic energy through the butt plug creating a thrusting sensation for you to enjoy.

Simply insert the Meo Tosu II Butt Plug as you would any other butt plug and get down on your hands and knees. Now rock yourself back and forth and the Meo Tosu II comes to life.
It won’t be long before you begin to experience the free-flowing ecstasy only the Meo Tosu II butt plug grants.

You’ll begin to experience a thrusting sensation similar to a hot and heavy back door session. Your level of movement impacts the intensity. Men will enjoy an unparalleled prostate stimulation but don’t worry ladies, you’re sure to enjoy this premium butt plug too!

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