The Cobra Head Cap | Style Code CB625 | $64.95

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The newest trend in Europe is jewelry for your manly parts. We've sourced this gorgeous Cobra Head Penis Cap that is cast in bronze and captures the magic of the serpent. Cleverly designed to wrap around the top of your penis, the head of the cobra rests on the top of your head, while its body wraps around the top of your shaft. This is a great piece for men looking for the ultimate in penis adornment.

  • Bronze penis jewelry
  • Rigid metal - does not stretch
  • Approximately 1.125 inches in diameter and 1.625 in length
  • Imported

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Customer reviews

"i wear mine all the time, it is very comfy .i feel that it stretches my forskin.and adds weight to my cock"

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"This is one FUN little reptile! It takes some effort to stuff my plum inside it, but once all "dressed up" my-my-my! The weight of it feels great as it gently tugs on my penis. My wife loves the way it makes my cock bobble about in all directions with the slightest little movement of my body. As it turns out my wife just loves to charm the snake. She wondered if it was a "spitting" Cobra? Well she found out! I thought it was a little expensive but I changed my mind; it's worth every cent! It makes my little Devil, a CUTE little Devil! Buy one guys, your girl is going to LOVE it. Perhaps as much as you do! "

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