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This unique design starts with a virtually weightless silicone frame that is shaped to fit you to perfection. The frame is covered in a soft, stretch satin and has a contoured pouch fit. To wear, just spread the frame open around your most precious parts, adjust yourself into the contoured pouch, and the anatomically correct frame rests nicely between your cheeks. We recommend wearing this item as underwear, or, if you are truly brave, on the beach or at the pool, where you can say goodbye to those pesky tan lines forever. Medium size fits men from size small to medium with an average build, and Large size fits men from size large to xxl with a big build (please refer to size chart).

  • Silicone frame fits snugly against the body
  • Soft stretch satin
  • Contoured front pouch
  • Polyester/spandex blend
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Imported

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Customer reviews

Received on July 15th, 2011

"I am really enjoying my J-String Full O' Joy. In the past I have owned a Hip Gripper Thong and a Stringless which are both similar to the J-String but very different too. Both of them were made with much larger pouches causing way too much frontal coverage, metal frames which were not adjustable and would rust or corrode and break, and those metal frames were much heavier and very uncomfortable when trying to sit down. The J-String Full O' Joy is a complete redesign and an incredible improvement over both of those using a light as a feather, silicone frame, which can be bent, twisted and otherwise adjusted to create a personalized custom fit which can be perfected to any body. The design is with a much smaller pouch of stretchable material so the frontal coverage is very minimal, yet it can accommodate different sized "packages" without any difficulties. I really love the minimal coverage. The light weight of the silicone frame makes it so comfortable that I hardly realize that I am wearing anything at all. The softness of the frame allows for comfort while sitting down. This is the perfect sunbathing pool wear or beach wear and is quite the attention getter. It will make heads turn for double takes while at the beach. I wore it while assembling a new patio table earlier this summer in my back yard. I have also worn mine to a bath house in Tampa, Florida, and the guys there were in awe of it and they really thought that it was "HOT!" Its easy on, easy off design makes it the perfect bath house item too. I have also worn it while exercising with the weight lifting equipment at the bath house and all of the guys eyes were focused on me and my J-String. I look forward to wearing it on my vacation to Haulover Park's legal nude beach in Miami later this summer and while poolside at the motel. The J-String Full O' Joy is hands down the hottest thing you could ever wear and it will make you the talk of any bath house, and draw guys to you like a magnet. Order one or two, you won't be disappointed. I give this the highest rating, 5 stars, and I would give it 10 stars if the rating scale went that high. "

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Received on August 20th, 2011

"i love the j-string full o' joy, but the only wish i have is you make the back piece a bit longer for us bigger guys. im 6 foot 2 and 220 lbs. the front fits but the bar in the back could be about 2 inches longer.........with that i still love my black lace one and will buy more, hoping you can fix this problem for your slightly bigger customers..... i love this site!!!"

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Received on August 8th, 2011

"I've looked so long for something like the J-string to wear on a public beach and finally it's really available. Wore it and nothing else last weekend to drive to the beach and lay in the sun. Got lots of notice; it was more comfortable and revealing than any thong. I felt completely liberated. Feels like someone's caressing me gently but firmly and stays in place with moderate activity - tho the occasional adjustment in heavy activity gives me a chance to bring more attention to what it holds and to my near-nudity. Highly recommended for bold beach wear, driving almost naked, and around the house. It allows you to be all but naked in front of others without the objection of full exposure. An interesting accent: wear it with just a crop top - the J-string really pops! Next weekend I'll parade to the water and try a swim wearing only my red J-string!"

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Received on May 11th, 2011

"Like the quality and the touch of the fabric. I'm having some trouble with the fitting, even having made some maneuvers with the back frame. I tend to get aroused when slipping in it, which also doesn't help to get the item in it's correct place. I believe it will be difficult the hold the item at the beach, because the frame is not strong enough to be kept in its place"

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