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Nominated for a 2012 AVN Award for Best Sex Toy for Men.

This little gadget excites your scrotum and testicles, massages your perineum, and tightens the skin at the base of your shaft like a natural cockring. The combined sensation is astonishing!

You are looking at a totally new type of sex toy for men - nothing like it has ever been made before. Nothing else produces the stunning boost in pleasure created by FleshWrap.

Sex for men is about a lot more than your cock. Your whole genital area is loaded with pleasure producing nerve bundles and tissues that can create additional pleasure - if stimulated. The problem is that normal sex does not stimulate these areas. And existing toys do not do it, either. Cockrings tighten around your shaft and increase hardness. Ball weights tug your balls and rub against the top of your scrotum. No toy massages your perineum. And no toy flips your balls forward so they are involved in sex. This simple little gadget is designed to simultaneously do all of these things and stimulate the entire genital area during sex. FleshWrap is quick and easy to put on, adds a mind-blowing amount of new pleasure - and does not interfere with your partner. In fact, it never touches their body at all. FleshWrap helps get you harder and stay harder - and takes sex up to an incredibly more intense level. The hypoallergenic, body-safe polycarbonate material is easy to maintain and non-porous. Includes two FleshWraps for you to find your best fit or share with a partner.

From customer feedback we would advise that the Fleshwrap is not going to work for the men whose balls ride tight against the body instead of hanging a bit.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Set of 2
  • Lightweight
  • Nominated for an AVN award
Size XS S M L XL 2X 3X
Waist 27-29" 68-73cm 29-31" 74-79cm 32-34" 80-87cm 35-37" 88-95cm 38-40" 96-102cm 41-43" 103-110cm 44-46" 111-117cm
Chest 32-34" 80-86cm 34-36" 87-92cm 37-39" 93-99cm 40-42" 100-107cm 43-45" 108-115cm 46-48" 116-123cm 49-51" 124-130cm

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top reviewer Bob
The Flesh Rap is unique toy and easy to put on. It is quite comfortable to wear even for long periods as in an all nighter. Your balls are in a unique postion forward of the base of you penus giving a sensuos feeling as they come in contact with your partner's sweet spot instead of just hanging there in space. Great toy!
March 4th, 2013
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