Since 1988, Body Aware has been at the forefront of the drive to set new standards in fashion and fun in the design of men's underwear, leaving behind the traditional and often plain boring underwear of the past. The company has its origins in the small mill town of Trowbridge in the west of England, where it was founded by Kristina, a former American diplomat and David, a geophysicist.  

The company was started in an old dilapidated wool mill building in Back Street, Trowbridge, one floor was filled with a cutting table and fabric and another floor with sewing machines.The first machinists were Laura and Terri who oversaw the hiring and managing of a staff of over 20 machinists. The designs were all generated in house, mainly by Susie who later ran away to join the circus as a high wire performer.  Between 3-6 catalogs were produced each year, until the first web site appeared in 1996 (over a year before Google!).  Catalogs have now died out, but the website is still going strong 20 years later.

Body Aware Inc, Arizona USA, 2016

The company's design, manufacturing and distribution headquarters is now in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.  For customers in UK and the rest of Europe we now ship from our UK distribution center in Barnstaple, Devon, but be sure to select the UK flag on the web site..

Body Aware offers an amazing array of beautifully designed and impeccably manufactured underwear for men.  Being both designers and manufacturers of the Body Aware brand allows rapid development of new designs, in fact we are probably the first company to bring "fast fashion" to men's underwear!  

Body Aware Inc., a privately held company, is and will continue to be, one of the world leaders in exciting new fashions and comfort for men of all ages and dimensions.


Body Aware Ltd, Trowbridge. Wiltshire UK, 1996