There's no harm in getting a little rough when you're wearing BodyAware's Rip Stop Underwear for Men.
These briefs, booty shorts, thongs and tangas are made from a nylon material that's virtually un-tearable.
The Ripstop Frilly Thong $19.95
Rip Roaring Brief $19.95
Rip-Stop Thong $19.95
Rugby Rip Stop Short $25.95

Rip-Stop Tanga Brief $19.95
Rip Stop Booty Short $24.95
The Weekend Jogger $38.95
The Rip Stop Hoodie $44.95

Rip Stop Track Short $29.95
And despite being made for action, these durable men's underwear styles are still lightweight and comfortable. You will never feel weighed down thanks to the airy feel, and there's even a bit of a sheer quality to the fabric that adds a sexy vibe. It's the perfect combination of rough-and-tumble and tumble-in-the-sheets. Our selection of rip-stop men's underwear includes a variety of cuts, sizes and colors to suit any guy's preference. If you prefer a little more coverage, we suggest our rip-stop briefs or booty shorts. Both of these styles have a bit more fabric while still fitting comfortably under your clothes. Guys who like to show off a little more skin will love our rip-stop thongs and tangas. These styles feature a durable elastic waistband to support the barely there rip-stop nylon panels. They're sexy, chic and absolutely stunning. If you want some rip-stop pieces you can wear out in public, we've got you covered. Our rip-stop shorts and jogger pants are versatile and functional. Wear them for working out, playing sports, heading to the dance studio or even just relaxing at home. The soft yet durable fabric is built to last and will keep your comfortable all day. Start shopping now to find your favorite styles and colors in our rip-stop men's underwear and clothing collection. These pieces are perfect for the tough guy who still has a great sense of style. Order now and get free shipping on purchases totaling $50 or more.

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