Workout Worries

Workout Worries

So 2018 is here and it’s time to work off those holiday goodies we all over-indulged in. Working out always poses a challenge for many of us as to what underwear to wear. What I have noticed is most of us try to hide our packages away for a more modest look in the gym and locker room. So what underwear from Body Aware would help do this and yet still allow us to feel sexy? I am going to give some suggestions and outline their reasons why.


First and foremost, when working out we want comfort right? Something that holds things in place, doesn’t rub the wrong way and also breathes so why not try a pair of the Just Breath Brazilian Briefs? What I love about these for working out is that seamless front and contoured back that allows for everything to stay in its place and lets everything to breath while working up a sweat. Besides, who doesn’t love a cheeky pair of underwear?


Product feat: Just Breathe Boxer 


Another pair I would highly recommend for working out is the Ninja Mesh Boxer. With its boy cut legs and soft lined pouch they look and feel amazing while hitting the weight pile. Both of these are on the more conservative styling for the locker room, but I am going to give a couple more that I dare you to try. As far as working out, I find these to function exceptionally well and helps me with my confidence at the gym.


 Product feat: Ninja Mesh Brief


The Glistening Satin Tanga works so well in the gym! I find as the pouch holds everything in place and slightly forward for that hint of something sexy. The fabric too feels so amazing against the skin and if you are worried about some of the softer colors in the locker room just grab a pair in the basic black. Try a pair of these though, and I bet you will thank me later and be coming back for the other colors.


Product feat: Glistening Satin Pouch Brief


Now for my final suggestion many of you might think no way, but bare with me and I will explain. My final suggestion is The Essential Ribbed Thong (gasps). An amazingly supportive pouch helps hold the boys in place and the thong back allows for maximum range of movement (and it feels great to wear). Now many of you may say - But BA Blogger what happens if someone can tell I am wearing a pair and my answer to this is if you are wearing your shorts right no one ever will. Ensure your waist band is properly tied and you’re wearing a properly fitting pair of shorts and mums the word.


Product feat: Metallic Track Shorts


In the locker room too it’s easier to be discreet then you would expect. Just face your booty to the locker and from the front it just looks like a pair of briefs. If you’re not totally convinced of these for working out I suggest giving them a try with a home work out first. That’s what really sold me on the idea.


So until next time my friends stay sexy and remember underwear for the gym doesn’t have to be boring boxers or briefs. We are allowed to feel sexy and Body Aware has us covered.


BA Blogger

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Annon, what gym do you work out at? I’m trying to find gyms in America that permit men to work out in only underwear or speedos.

Mr. B

I like wearing my showstopper bodysuit in hot pink thong back shows off my assests especially my little ass and beautiful legs 🍑 lol to workout in the treadmill working out a sweat. no tights just in my pink bodysuit and my Jordans and after that do some weights stretch out do yoga and some ballet moves my bodysuit moves free the material thin dryable and contains my erection I get super excited in my show stopper bodysuit I can’t wait to try the yogaaware bodysuits hope I see diferance I got the satin ones in pink and periwinkle I love bodyaware leotards/bodysuits for workout wear I’m a sucker for bodyaware xdress leotards they feel very erotic on my skin. I just love showing off my legs and assests 🍑. Great way workout. Please make more leotards for workoutwear bodyaware xdress .


Hey Justin. I did that the other day while at the gym. I was on my very cheeky underwear while changing. A guy came to where I was but didn’t say a thing and I didn’t try to hide. It felt great. I’ll keep doing it from now on since I exclusively wear thongs and cheeky underwear.


If you look good enough to wear the thongs and feel sexy in them , don’t be afraid to face the front to the locker and let the ones passing by see that nice looking thong in the back. If not why wear them at all!!

Justin Black

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