Why Lace?

I think it stands up to reason that recent years have been revolutionary in providing new designs and possibilities in underwear for men.  Not too long ago you had to venture far off the beaten path to find more than just the basic boxers or briefs. Today thongs are commonplace and becoming more and more widely accepted for both gay and straight men, and microfiber fabrics have created entirely new palettes and options for all kinds of underwear designs.

Within this new mix of options is lace.  While undoubtedly lace is becoming more common for men, it still seems to be cutting edge.  What is it about lace? How did a fabric become gender-specific? And so charged with meaning?  And why suddenly are men interested in wearing lace? Or have we been wearing it all along and just keeping it hidden?

A friend of mine, an artist, liked to add lace motifs to her paintings.  When she spoke about her work, her fascination with lace stemmed from its complex contradiction; lace is both virginal and seductive, part of a white wedding dress and some of the sexiest lingerie.  This has always been part of the attraction of lace for women, and I think provides some indication as to why men are interested in openly wearing it today.

I am really interested in how much more common lace is becoming for men.  I do have lace undies in my drawer, and will probably be adding some soon (Body Aware has some great lace designs, I hope to see these continue and develop as part of their line!).  I like that wearing lace feels a little edgy and yet also delicate. It’s the idea of lace that adds the edge – feeling a little transgressive beneath your jeans – and yet the light and delicate fabric is a great feeling against your skin.  Recent years have seen a broad acceptance in new understandings of gender, beyond just traditional binary conceptions, and I do think this has something to do with men wearing lace. I personally feel proud to accept the feminine side of identity and gender self-conception.

What do you all think?  Do any of you wear lace?  What do you like about it?

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Kanten lingerie vrouwenslpjes zyn gewoon sexy en fyn om te dragen, ik heb dit al meer als 20 jaar. Waarom niet dragen wat je fyn vindt. Vrouwenlingerie is keuze genoeg, maar voor mannen moet er ook meer komen. Nooit gedacht dat veel mannen het dragen van vrouwenlingerie fyn vinden, alleen is het nog een taboe en mag niemand dit weten , daarom dat ze het stiekum doen. Geniet gewoon wat je leuk vindt of leuker nog als je kunt delen met partner of iemand anders. Mvg John

Women’s lace lingerie looks sexy and fun to wear, I’ve done this for over 20 years. Why not wear what you think is fun? Women’s lingerie offers plenty of choices, but there needs to be more for men. Never thought that many men find wearing women’s lingerie fun, only it is still a taboo and no one should know this – that’s why they do it secretly. Just enjoy what you like or like more if you can share with a partner or someone else. John

John July 07, 2021

Lace thongs/panties are incredibly sexy. Tantalisingly see through, gorgeously soft in beautiful colours. Personally I prefer thongs as the lace envelopes your attributes and displays them in that tantalising way that only lace can do! Fabulous to wear and be seen in!

Michael May 18, 2021

I have been wearing ladies lace briefs for5 years. They are so much more comfortable and do make me more comfortable.
There shouldn’t be anything wrong with what you wear. My wife and Dr. ( a lady) says wear what you are comfortable in. Who cares.
I will never go back to the uncomfortable tight hot men’s undies.
The people who have seen me in them don’t care and happy that I wear what I want.
Women wear men’s shirts, pants and undies, don’t know why they would wear them. It’s up to you to wear what you want and is comfortable.

Mike January 27, 2021

I’m 66 year old and wear lace and ice silk thongs and bikins designed for men! They are so light and smooth and supportive would never go back to cotton / burlap tighty whiteys!

Paul November 02, 2020

Love lace! So different than the satin but just as sexy! Love the feel and the look! Especially the yellow lace manties that Body Aware sells! Show yourself off in the bedroom! Make it exciting! Wearing them all day is a little secret nobody knows you are doing! Adds excitement to the day! And if you public speak, wearing them inspires confidence knowing you are wearing lace manties and nobody in the audience knows….

Scott August 07, 2020

Have worn lace undies for many years. I love the look and feel of all lace bikinis and lace trimmed bikinis. They give me a wonderful sexy feel and look.

seabill January 03, 2020

Lace makes me feel so feminine. My boyfriend loves me in them and they make me
feel sexy! I personally think if more men got in touch with there feminine side, the
world would be a better place…….stevie

Stevie December 01, 2019

I have one lace thong. Beautiful fit and comfortable. So what is there more to wish? A lace stringbody specially made for men, might be an idea for bodyaware to take up in the assortment.

John October 10, 2019

I love the idea and look of lace panties. I wear them on hot day for the cooling of my bits, however the fem flower designs are very rough on said parts. Why hasn’t someone designed masc. looking lace with
geometric ( skulls for you bikers) instead of flowers and paisley ?

tony September 25, 2019

I think it is great that lace underwear for men is gradually becoming more available. Personally. I don’t think any fabric is gender specific, if you like lace, wear lace. It looks great on everyone, and it makes me feel amazing when I wear it. I wish that more guys wouldn’t be afraid to try it, because they are really missing out on an amazingly comfortable, and extremely sexy fabric. Wether the underwear is all lace, or another sexy fabric like satin, trimmed in lace, I think it is an amazingly hot look for guys. If a guy wants to wear lace briefs, trunks, or panties…..go for it! I bet you will love it, and your partner will appreciate your willingness to show off something a lot more sexy and daring than traditional mens underwear.

Bill September 23, 2019

I want lace underwear also and the are awesome. Short story. Back in December 1996 I was in the Netherlands for our mother funeral. On our way, to the airport, stores in the airline terminals I noticed a male mannequin and this model wore lace tank top and lace bikini. Also what I had when I was in the Netherlands I bought a fish net body suit and that was in 1965. I wish that we buy them again.

Tom de Jong September 21, 2019

I like the look and feel of lace on my butt but not so much on my balls. I wonder why lace is so hot, even with all those ventilation holes?

Richard September 21, 2019

Kings and nobility were wearing lace.

Richard September 21, 2019

The interesting thing is that wearing lace can come off so masculine. I buy it for my BF all the time. He is hot in leather and lace.

Stephen September 20, 2019

I’ve worn things for so long now, I can’t even remember when I started! Love wearing them under BA’s semi sheer short shorts. My wife, lucky me, asked me to get some thong swimsuits! Well, she didn’t have to ask me twice! She and I absolutely love tan lines… and nothing sexier than a thong tan line! As for those who tend to “glance” a little too long? I could care less! I’m not here to please others, if they don’t like it, move on! We love it!

RICK September 20, 2019

I love 2wear lace thongs and g string, they are so sexy nad see through against my shaved parts and so comfortable to wear. I will never be without them and love the prolonged looks from others

Phil September 20, 2019

I bought my first pair of lace bikini here and love them—they feel great and everyone who sees them also loves them. I give massages and will wear the lace undies as I massage—my clients love them too!

TOM September 20, 2019

I have worn lace bikinis and briefs for many years. Have always found very sexy and my partners have always enjoyed them. Have also worn lace trimmed satin bikinis which are very seductive but also comfortable. Nothing wrong with men wearing lace.

seabill September 19, 2019

Why should females only wear the sexy comfortable undies.? Men also have the right to wear sexy stuff like that personally I wear nothing but woman’s underwear and I’M not gay happily married let’s put it this way this is the modern times.

Manuel September 19, 2019

Lace is phenomenal. I only wear lace thongs, got rid of all other types of underwear and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Mike September 19, 2019

I like wearing lace.. it is edgy , sexy , & comfortable

William September 19, 2019

Hi Brian, Thank you for putting this article out in the open. I am a guy that likes lace, wears lace and adores lace. There is absolutely no reason why guys cannot wear lace. Last 1996 I was in the Netherlands for my mothers funeral, that was December 1996. On my way home, waiting for my flight to Calgary, Canada I stopped at one of the luxury stores and right there in front of the window for all to see a male mannequin dressed in lace tank top and lace panty, welcome to the Netherlands a country where progress takes shape. I bought lace panties for myself here in Canada and I have several of them. In closing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with guys wearing lace or spaghetti string tank tops or skirts, nothing wrong with that, go for it. And you Brian please put more lace on display. Thanks. Tom

Thomas September 19, 2019

I love lace for the rear end or as trimming, but if it has a lace pouch it seems very uncomfortable as the delicate dog n down there works it way through the small holes, if I purchase any panties with a lace cup, I always see a satin cup in front, there is just something so naughty about lace on panties on a man.

John September 19, 2019

I love wearing lace underwear, the feeling is amazing and looks hotter than words can describe

Troy September 19, 2019
This idea that men wearing lace is somehow a new consept is quite contrary to history. Prior to our modern times men often wear lace cuffs lace around the neck, it was a symbol of wealth and it in no way implied lack of masculinity.

The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door.

He’d a French cocked-hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin,
A coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin.
They fitted with never a wrinkle. His boots were up to the thigh.
And he rode with a jewelled twinkle,
His pistol butts a-twinkle,
His rapier hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.

So to wear lace is nothing new it is merely a return to long gone days of old, If you were to wear (body aware) lace underwear all the time you would have to possess a small fortune to afford it so once again it would seem lace would be a status of wealth. So for those of us who do not possess such great wealth one nicely fashion lace piece is going to have to do.
Sam September 19, 2019

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