What You Wear At The Gym Matters!

What You Wear At The Gym Matters!

Hello all! Hope this blog finds you all doing well! I was working out at the gym the other day and noticed a few things taking shape in the world of athletic wear for both men and women. As such, I wanted to share a few thoughts on these new trends and see what you may or may not be seeing in your local gym. 

First, I will admit, I am an avid gym goer and prefer to run on the treadmill most days and fill in others with plyometric exercise: push-ups, sit-ups, crunches and squats. It is fun and I feel great after working out. Pretty fit for a middle-aged guy and I enjoy going to a gym instead of working out at home as was mandated during COVID. I also enjoy the perks a gym can offer: tanning beds and water massage beds. Very relaxing and keeps that summer glow all year long. 

Anyway, I will tell you what I see as trends and also add comments on what I like versus dislike in the hopes it helps you decide what your preferences are for gym days. 

I will start with the guys. I see a lot of things, from the gym fit to the sloppy mess. The sloppy mess is probably the worst. A sweat-stained t-shirt from the 2010 5K that they ran, all tattered and disgusting combined with drab sweatpants or sweat shorts that are ill-fitting and likely as old as the t-shirt. This is NOT a good appearance! It shows a lack of respect for the other gym goers, as the shirt smells no matter how much you have washed it. 

The average look: decent gym shorts and a moisture-wicking t-shirt. Athletic shoes and a good overall look. May not be a professional, but looks the part and is concerned about wearing something used for their respective workout. What my gym does not allow, but I think is appropriate, is tank tops. Especially for the weight-focused folks. Watching the triceps and biceps expand with muscle is quite nice and likely more motivating when able to view muscles instead of not being able to see it when wearing a t-shirt.


I prefer running tights and a moisture-wick t-shirt. Again, I run most of the time and the compression fit helps with my aging muscles! I do not wear shorts over these tights as I love the way they look and accentuate my buttocks and legs. I know most men wear shorts over these tights but they are not showing off their assets and hard work at the gym by doing so. I only do plyometrics, so seeing my muscles expand is not that important. Running tights are a newer trend in men’s activewear, but it is very comfortable and very revealing of your leg muscles. I highly recommend it! 

Now, onto the women. Their fashion has gotten a little less tight fit and more of a loose fit option, although if I were to take a quick look around the gym, the tight leggings still outweigh the loose fit leggings. In my opinion, the tight fitting looks better too! I also see gym shorts making a big showing in both the tight fit and sports fit. Still prefer the tighter fit on that side too! Tops are always a fun shirt or tank top which covers up a nice sports bra. Some women elect to go without the top and just work out in a sports bra. Of course, they always sport nice matching tops and are “gym ready”, meaning they seem to like to dress for sweating in a better way than guys do.

The thing I hate the most is that women seem to have better options when it comes to athletic wear. Colors, styles, fit and function all appear to be carefully designed by the major athletic wear companies for all sorts of sports: Yoga, running, cross fit, weights, etc. Men appear to get a very small selection in very few colors and styles. 

men's turquoise tank top - Body Aware

Of course, you may be thinking about what this may have to do with Body Aware and I will tell you! In addition to the great undergarments that Body Aware offers, they also have a range of sportswear designed in-house complete with all the items I mentioned above. If you need clothes for the gym, make sure to consider Body Aware to provide these garments for you. From bodysuits for men and leggings for men (running tights) to shorts and tops, Body Aware has a great selection of items to choose from! A new range is about to be released which I am sure will be great! I cannot wait to see! 

What kind of styles would you like to see for men? Anything in particular? I’d like to see more leggings and tops! 


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I’ve worn tights/leggings to the gym for a very long time, never with shorts. Most of my leggings are lined in front such that I don’t need underwear, otherwise I wear a thong; my butt is covered by a single layer. It’s insane to wear shorts over leggings plus full-seat underwear. Three layers over large and very active muscles? A perfect recipe for swamp ass.

Most of my leggings come from a swimwear company with literally hundreds of fabric choices. I can go to the gym for more than a month without wearing the same tights twice!

It’s too bad so many people dread exercise and it shows in the unhappy choices they make in gym clothing. They expect the worst and dress for it.


Would love some microfiber underwear for the gym! Maybe like how CharliebyMZ does it? But at a more affordable price. Satin is not good gym underwear sorry


Thanks Jeff! No idea why they don’t allow them. But I like the blue leggings that BA just released! Used to be a black or gray but like to add some color!


Nice blog Scott! Weird your gym doesn’t let you wear tank tops, never heard of that before! Love tank tops. Loving this new gym collection bodyaware released. I don’t know about the blue shade tho. I tend to wear blacks and dark grays to the gym. rock on!


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