What Was Your First?

Many of us have been long-time fans of Body Aware and I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. To dive into our underwear drawers and try to figure out what our first pair of Body Aware underwear was.

For me my first purchase was a red pair of 'Strapping Silk' briefs. I remember placing the order and then checking the mail daily in hopes it would arrive soon. The day they did arrive I was super excited and couldn't wait to try them on and model them for my love. Ohhh the memories (wink)!! I still lovingly wear them from time to time and over the years they have held up amazingly. Body Aware always builds their stuff to last as long as we, the wearers remember to take care of them properly. I always hand wash or wash on delicate (using a mesh delicates/lingerie bag). I have found it’s the best way to keep my stuff looking nice.


I am dying to know what your first pair from Body Aware was and do you still have and wear them? Was it a brief, a thong, a tanga or even a jock? What was the color and how did it make you feel to wear them? Is it a style Body Aware still carries and if not, is it something you would buy again if they did? Figured this could be a great way to explore our underwear preferences and explore a little underwear history of our favorite company. I know too that Body Aware loves getting your feedback and seeing what we love and want to see more of. So don’t be shy, dive into your drawers (lol) and lets do this!

So until next time my friends stay sexy and remember to post your comments below of your first pair of underwear from Body Aware. I am dying to know and I am sure others are too. 

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Greek God, Glistening Satin, and 3 degrees.

I’m waiting for more Greek God, to me they are perfect for the male ego who secretly wants feminine panties…
Maybe some in camo / realtree, or olive for the man who wants his cannon, and balls looking mighty fighting against the tighty whitiee

Samuel January 30, 2020

WHOis that model!? Name please!

David R April 12, 2018

I’ve been a customer well over ten years. Your products never disappoint. I’m always excited to get my new items and even more excited to try them on for my partner. She loves when I model them for her and loves guessing what I’m wearing under my clothes. Thanks for adding some spice to our lives!

Ron April 12, 2018

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