What Type of Underwear Collector are You?

What Type of Underwear Collector are You?


Collecting underwear can be some pretty serious business. I’ve seen underwear collectors that have been everywhere on the scale from casual collectors, to borderline hoarding underwear. I mean, the more underwear the better, right? I think it could be fun to be any sort of underwear collector, whether it’s buying a pair here and there, or trying to collect every kind/print there could be in existence. So let’s take a hot second to ponder one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves: what kind of underwear collector are you?


Casual Collector: You don’t NEED to buy all of the kinds of underwear, but you definitely appreciate new and unique designs. You’ll buy a new, captivating print if you see one at your favorite store, or a new style if you feel like going out of your comfort zone. Though it’s exciting for you to get new underwear, you don’t feel the need to be actively “collecting” it, per se.


Undie Enthusiast: You love trying a bunch of different kinds of underwear! Briefs, boxers, tangas, thongs…you just love trying any and all kinds. You may have a certain set of styles you prefer, and will lean toward buying those more, but you’ll definitely try most things once. You’re not quite an underwear hoarder, but you definitely have an impressive collection.


Undie Adventurer: You’re into trying out any and all kinds of underwear. You definitely don’t shy away from the more exotic kinds, but might only save them for special occasions. You’ll definitely try anything that anyone suggests to you, but there are only certain styles that you’ll keep going back to.


“Underwear is Life” Club Member: You just can’t get enough underwear. You always feel like you need more, and you just might have a whole dresser drawer (or two, or three) reserved for all of your styles. If you find a style you like, you don’t just need it in your favorite color(s): you need it in EVERY color. You may have styles you prefer, but you’ll wear anything and feel completely comfortable in it. Let’s be real: you’ve definitely worn something see-through under your jeans.


So which type of underwear collector are you? Or are you possibly a mix of two of them? Let us know in the comments!


Also, big thanks to the customers who sent in the pictures we used for our header image, as well as the image at the top of this post! We absolutely love seeing how enthusiastic you all are about our underwear! 

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Im 70, been collecting since HIGHSCHOOL!
I have over 10,000 pair, all silk or nylon, all styles and prints. From girlfriends who were generous, estate sales, ebay and thrift shops


Eric, I don’t have as many as you do, however, I do have a lot of lace in bikinis, hipsters, string bikinis and hi-cuts.
I have a lot of pinks, lavenders, purple, lilacs, periwinkle and a lot of the panties like in the photo directly above. I love that lacey lavender on top!


I have a 5 drawer dresser FULL of panties as well as a couple of 30 gallon rubbermaid containers full of panties. I order panties almost everyday. I have estimated that I have over 3000 pairs of panties. Scary thing is I’ve been collecting for 14 months.


Hundreds of undies
Both men and women types


I love granny panties and have over a 1000 some pairs in colors patterns from silk,to cotton,nylon and I love to wear them everyday for sexual gratification and would love to hear from someone who feels the same way as I do


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