What to Wear for Swim Season - Covered or Commando?

What to Wear for Swim Season - Covered or Commando?

Hey Everyone! It's John the Panty Packer. What's up?

I hope everybody is doing well and regardless of location I hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons!

Here in Arizona we are just getting to the start of our warmer weather. It gets hot here, and the triple digits have only just begun.

"Can I wear this very tiny/colorful/see-through underwear/swimwear to the beach or pool?" is a question we frequently hear at BodyAware.  This is a difficult one to answer because it depends on your personal comfort level, local government ordinances and nosy neighbors.  



We all have different ideas of what is acceptable swimwear just like we all have differing views on what is acceptable fashion or decorum. Fortunately, our local governments have figured this all out for us. Unfortunately, the limitations and acceptance differ depending on the city, county, state, or country.  For example, in Arizona, any sort of public nudity is strictly forbidden in public (with the exception of clothing optional resorts - see below). This extends to nakedness on ones own property, if there is any chance of public exposure such as from a neighbors window. This is a good fact to know if you are wanting to skinny dip in your pool! However, there are many locations throughout the US and the world that have an open stance of this issue. 

All this can be a little overwhelming when deciding where to cool off or what swim item you might want to wear in public. Some of us might want to venture out to a place where we can just be ourselves and rock our body that we are comfortable with and proud of!



The good news is that many locations have naturist places nearby which can accommodate if we decide we want to have a little more exposure.  These locations can be nude or nearly nude beaches, resorts, communities, etc. where there is an acknowledgment that some of us want to be less restricted while enjoying the sun and water. There are a number of accommodations in Arizona that embrace this. I have found personally that the most positive thing about going to these places is the freedom of choice, and the completely relaxed nature of the resort.    

So whether you are looking forward to hitting the pool or beach (with or without clothing) and catching some rays or if you are excited about those cold nights out in the hot tub, BA has you covered. We offer numerous swimwear items for all different interests, and cover-ups if you want to protect just a bit of your modesty.




Have you had any positive or negative experiences in your choice of swimgear or found a kick ass place to beat the heat?  We would love to hear from you!  I am sure a number of us here in the BA community have found some great places where swim items of all types are enjoyed!!

That is it for now. I hope this is helpful and I can't wait to see some responses!!

Until next time this is the Panty Packer signing off!

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I’ve been to Bluff Creek Falls in Alabama & yes it is a clothing optional campground for men. So anything goes there.


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