What Size Am I - Bodyaware Bodysuits

What Size Am I - Bodyaware Bodysuits
I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about sizing and practical function. Specifically, I would like to talk about how to properly size yourself when shopping for a bodysuit as well as some ways to style it. 

We receive frequent questions regarding these exact issues so let's take a moment to go over some basics of the bodysuit.

The nuts and bolts of it is there are 2 measurements you want to consider when looking at our bodysuits. The waist measurement and the chest measurement.

To find the proper waist measurement you will want to find your true waist, Usually this will be where you wear your pants on your waist. Now obviously, if you are not wearing your pants at where your traditional waist would be then this might not apply! Generally speaking, you will want to measure your waist at the height you normally wear your pants and underwear. This is the measurement most of us guys are used to seeing, such as a 32 inch waist. 

The chest measurement needs to be taken around the chest just below the nipples. If you have ever worn a heart strap monitor on your chest it will be a measurement across that area. 

Now the "hard part". Consult the size guide on the product page and find what size correlates with the measurements you found. To find the correct size you will need to select whichever of your measurements was the largest. If your waist was a size medium but your chest was an XL, you would order the bodysuit in XL. Conversely, if your waist was size XL and your chest was a medium, you would order the bodysuit in size XL.

That's it! You did it. you found your size!

The second question I frequently encounter, and this might be one of the more important issues, is how do I use my bodysuit?

Before I started working here, if you had asked me that I would have no idea how or what a man would do with a bodysuit. 

Did you know that the bodysuit is a borrowed idea from women's fashion? When women have that sleek cute tucked-in look with their tops I had no idea that many times this is a bodysuit! It might be a thong version if they don't want to show any panty lines but keep that look.

I always assumed that a bodysuit was something to simply be worn at home or maybe to dance or yoga. I was so wrong!

The most practical and useful way to wear a bodysuit is to wear it as a top for your outfit! Think about it. It will never come untucked and will never pull up on you because it is fastened down. Now you have that sleek slimming look while also being in style. 

It can be worn with dress slacks (my personal favorite), or something more casual like a pair of nice shorts or your favorite pants.

The new Nourish Collection has both full back and thong back bodysuits. Our bodysuits come in styles such as a racer back top, a traditional tank top, as well as crew or v-neck T-shirt versions. They all sell extremely well and do go quickly, but not to worry, we know this and we always have a few bodysuits in production at all times.

So if you have never considered a bodysuit in the past maybe circle back and give it a second look!

Love any comments or thoughts as always! 

Stay safe my friends!


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I have three styles of bodysuit from Bodyaware and love them. Two of them are thong styled and one is a full bottom. Some with snaps and one without. I wear them to work all them time when i am layered up in the winter.


Just received my organic cotton full back bodysuit in navy. Went for the large size. I am 6 feet tall and 34 inches approx. around the waist. Fits absolutely perfect. I will wear it as sleepwear and relaxing around the house. This was my first ever order from BA. I think I will order more underwear from BA or xdress!


Another good reason to wear a bodysuit is to protect your back – and especially your kidneys — from being exposed to cold air. I learned that when I was seriously biking in the mountains. When climbing a hill my T-shirt would slip upwards and my back became exposed. Not so when I began wearing a bodysuit. always “tucked in” it kept the back warm and sheltered. And besides when getting off the bike on top of a hill there were not T-shirt tails hanging outside. You were always properly dressed for the exciting sport challenges.


This is a most informative article. I do, however, have a question. I am six feet tall, weigh 177 pounds, and have a 35-inch waist. I have purchased bodysuits in the past (LARGE) and often found that they felt very tight and uncomfortable. Would it be better for a “tall guy” to select an extra-large?
I am a long-time customer of Body Aware and love their products.


Perfect post!! I had ordered some Medium bodysuits based on waist size, and will be ordering Large in the future because they are too tight. Thanks again!


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