What Makes an Underwear Collector?

Underwear Collectors? These men tell us all about their underwear infatuation! 

To make a distinction, we first have to look at the fetish definition. The Merriman-Webster dictionary describes a fetish as an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification. 

Under this denotation, an individual who is exceptionally aroused by undergarments has an underwear fetish. It can be that they get arousal from exposing themselves to others in underwear or from the smell of used undies, or even having a voyeuristic excitement watching someone in their underwear, among others. 

Ultimately, if underwear gets you excited in any way, shape, or form, you might have a fetish, and that's O.K. I'm all about people letting their freak flag fly. Now that's settled; who is an underwear collector then? 

Well, that would be me, for example. Because I'm someone who enjoys garnering things of a specified type, in this case, underwear. I still remember (and even have) the first "designer" briefs I bought a CK Cotton Stretch Hip Brief in black with a blue waistband and neon green lettering. I got them at their outlet at least ten years ago. 

This was a big thing for someone who decorated his college apartment bedroom with men's underwear ads. The thought of finally wearing what the male models were wearing on the ads was exhilarating. As a college student, I was all about the briefs and anything lycra and shiny. But once I discovered jockstraps, I ventured into more erotic styles. 

Just like me, there are a lot of underwear enthusiasts out there! So, I made it my mission to find out what tickles them about it. 

32-yeard old Ben (@rudebodybuilder) tells me that as a young boy, walking through the underwear aisle at the department store, he got excited seeing all different underwear styles and the men wearing them. The first pair he ever bought was a classic bike #10 jock - he still has it and wears it pretty frequently.  

When it comes to buying underwear, Ben says, "I chose based on how I think it will look and feel on me. Everyone has a different body and proportions, so some brands fit better on some guys than others. I always want pairs that are going to make me feel sexy, confident, and comfortable." 

For him, what sets Body Aware apart from other brands is that every style and pair is insanely comfortable and fits his body like a glove. Plus, that is a small business that supports the LGBTQ+ community and is also body positive. Encouraging all to accept and love themselves by showing off their beautiful bodies with their products. 

Luis (@gaymenthongs), who's 34-years old, tells me that at one point, he believes he had almost five hundred pairs of undies, but unfortunately, when moving out of NYC, he had to downsize and get rid of a lot. However, since discovering his infatuation for thongs, he's been adding different ones to his collection. He tells me, "I don't' know why I was so apprehensive about them; the way they hug my body, lift and display everything is beyond sexy." 


51-year-old artist, writer, and teacher Kenny (@kswanphd) discovered his underwear fascination when he was seventeen years old. His first pair, an Eminence thong in royal blue, is long gone now. He doesn't know how many he has but does tell me that he has three drawers to hold them all - it sounds like quite the collection. Like many other men I interviewed, Kenny enjoys Body Aware's feminine styles, cut for the male body. 

These men are genuinely fascinated with underwear - (@UnderwearL) 45-years old, has bought and sold over 2000 pairs in his lifetime. 50 years-old David (@D01903) has a collection of over 600 pairs. When asked if he considered an underwear collector? 52-year-old Mitchell (@mitchellhammock) said, "collector, or someone that might need help? And you know what, that thought has also crossed my mind. 

"Whether you have an underwear fetish or consider yourself a collector, Body Aware's quality, not to mention its variety of styles and fabrics, will make a great addition to your obsession, I mean collection."

– Jorge Gallegos (@manchic)


I have a men’s bodysuit fetish. I wear t-shirt style full brief bottom with a snap crotch. I have worn men’s bodysuit underwear for 25 years. Really like the high cut leg openings and no waist band. I have about 50 bodysuits. I only wear bodysuits, don’t own any other underwear. Best underwear ever for me.

Bill February 07, 2023

Have been a collector for years. Started in my teens with what were called French Briefs bought by mail. They were nylon bikinis. Great fit. Bought from stores along Santa Monica Blvd for years, even modeled undies for a small store in Holywood, Loved modeling lace and sheer bikinis. Discovered Body aware and xdress and have been a customer for years, Comfortable, sexy and great quality undies and good fitting male panties. Have sevral hundred pairs of male panties and sexy bikinis.

Seattle Bill June 10, 2022

As a girly male, I just love pretty panties. Pink and turquoise are my favorite colors. And I have quite a nice bubble bottom, so enjoy showing it off in thongs and g-strings. I love the BA backs – V strings especially. The Unicorn panties look gorgeous, but would love the minimal back with a bit of front coverage. Right now, I’m going through a huge collection, and tossing the cheap rubbish I used to buy. It’s worth paying more for quality, especially silky feeling panties.

John March 22, 2022

Just turned 30 and I’ve been “collecting” underwear since I was sixteen. I remember growing up I would be jealous at the JC Penny, Victoria Secret, exc catalogs and seeing all the different styles of underwear women had to choose from. Around the same time I discovered men’s thongs and websites like xdress. THANK GOD! I have close to 300 pairs of thongs, bikinis, and cheeky briefs. Sometimes I get carried away and spend too much money on them, but hey if it makes you happy send it!

Ian January 21, 2022

I’ve had a love of underwear from my teens like another guy on here Skants were my first then Wolsey Adam briefs in Nylon Since getting divorced a few years ago I’ve overindulged my fetish I’ve Briefs boxers Thong s Jocks Short Shorts compression shorts etc

Mick November 12, 2021

Have over 500 funwear items ranging from (exercise & mantyhose) tights to short-shorts to bikinis to Gs. Intnl Male started my obsession/fetish, Malepak, Adam & Eve, Torso, Body Aware (1970s), still have many of the originals in perfect shape. Wear many as outerwear, even Mankinis. No white cotton fly fronts or loose boxers, all snug, revealing, beach or shopping or clubbing.

Richie September 18, 2021

I fell in love with sexy underwear in 1960. With Jockey’s ad for the new Skants briefs. They were the only style I wore at College. I still have one of my first pairs.

Jaime July 04, 2021

About 10 years ago, started dating my now wife. She didn’t like my drawer full of fruit of the loom briefs. She had me throw them out and we went to Lane Bryant to buy me panties. Later I went on line and found BA and Xdress. We then started buying from there. My collection grew to over 300 pairs. Mostly thongs, which are my favorite.
Since then all my outer clothes are female jeans, blouses, and t shirts. Getting used to the zipper and buttons on the opposite side was tough.
I love dressing in female attire starting with a thong and bra.
My wife doesn’t allow me to go to far in the flamboyant style, especially around her family. I’m okay with that.

Joseph June 14, 2021

I think I have a problem. My collection is outgrowing my drawer space! Love the satin the most! Body Aware designed are so great I cant help but keep buying. I think I will soon be up to 1 pair per day of the year!

Scott June 05, 2021

I confess, I may have an underwear/panty fetish, and I love having it! I have been buying on Bodyaware and Xdress for years. Where it started and how, I really can’t remember. I just know that I have always enjoyed being a man who is just a bit feminine. Also, being on the small side “down there” skimpier bikinis and thongs have always fit me well. They are all I wear. My wife learned of this early in our marriage. 30 years later, she still buys some of my panties and bikini swim suits. One complaint though…. With both this company as well as most of their competition, I’m seeing a pronounced transition to products with a rather large contoured pouch. This is really a bit of a problem for us guys that are smaller. Nothing looks worse that wearing pretty and sexy underwear and not being able to fill out the front. It’s really not a good look. We still need room for the package, but not as much as I am seeing in some of your products. The current “breakfast” thong and brief look like they would be good for me, but more options are needed in the prints, like you used to have. Just not in to that particular print. Bring back the more feminine ones like you used to have. That being said, still a customer for life!

Wayne May 22, 2021

I started out when I was a teenager and there was little choice in colors or styles of underwear available in stores where I lived. At that time I lived at home so there was no way I was going to order by mail and have the possible embarrassment of my mother seeing what I ordered. However she was an avid sewer and made made a lot of her own dresses, and there was always fabric laying around and I had picked up the rudimentary sewing techniques by watching her over the years. So one day when she was at work for the day, I found a beautiful piece of turquoise fabric in her scrap box, and actually made a pair of bikini briefs. I had no idea about how to make a pattern fit, but used a pair of my old white tighty whities for a rough shape, and the resulting fit was not too bad. I loved wearing and admiring myself in them, although washing and hiding them presented some problems! 20 years years later, I love perusing underwear sites and have a very stuffed drawer of styles, fabrics and colors, but my favorite style is the narrow side bikini with either a nicely defined pouch, or else a totally flat front, but no fly openings thank you!

Pete May 18, 2021

Interesting article. I would say that I’m more of an underwear conisuer than an underwear collector and have enjoyed BA underwear for many years. My favourite underwear being silk mini briefs and tangas from BA which have currently been withdrawn. Although selective when purchasing, I have a wide variety of styles. Mini briefs, thongs tangas, bikinis stretch satin briefs, see thru and a small selection of black lace minis. When it comes to fabric, I much prefer silk. or sheer nylon as they feel the most comfortable next to the skin. What I did discover when I first started wearing silk and nylon panties was the line of my slacks looked much better when these were worn underneath instead of the more bulky traditional men’s underwear. So consequently, I greatly increased the amount of silk and nylon undies I possessed. Until I read your blog, I did think that having over a hundred pairs was rather excessive, but clearly I was wrong!

Chris April 04, 2021

I have had an underwear fetish / collection since I was 15, I think my first sexy pair was a snakeskin bikini from the Broadway department store in So. Cal. I soon started searching out styles out of the Italian men’s vogue, NIKOS, HOM, and others. Living in SO Cal gave me a lot of exposure, International Male had Male Power, (horrible quality, in sexy styles) I would go to their sales at the store on Santa Monica Blvd, I remember how exciting it was to dig through 100’s of unsorted pairs with other gay guys. (I still have some of these) I ventured into designer underwear, Gianni Versace, on Rodeo Drive, The original boutique had a very very small mens store upstairs, it when his photo shoots here all done by Bruce Weber. $100 a pair, I thought I was insane. (especially when some a*hole tried to rip them off of me at an underwear party one night) Now at 52, I’m still an underwear fanatic, I have close to 1000 pairs, sometimes I just spread them all over the floor and roll around in them naked. Will I stop this ? probably not, as long as I still look good in them, which I do, not as good as when I started this 37 years ago, but still hot anyway.

PC March 27, 2021

I’ve always loved sexy panties. I am very girly and pretty undies do it for me. I can’t resist buying, especially when there is a model with a gorgeous bubble bottom showing a thong to best advantage. If only I could look that gorgeous, I’d love to be an underwear model! I’ve got far more panties than I need, but I enjoy ringing the changes. A mesh jock strap one day, pink frilly panties the next, a thong the next and so on!

John March 19, 2021

I agree with the one poster above. Body positive seems a bit questionable. You have gorgeous models but I guarantee half of your customers do not look like that.
And what about guys who have Smaller packages? Not all, but some of the underwear is not suited for a guy with a smaller penis. I’m sure the same can be said for guys with larger packages.
Cater to your customers who have real, varying bodies, not just the surfer looking guys with 6 pack abs and chiseled muscles.

Pantylover March 11, 2021

I’ve never really considered my attraction to beautiful underwear a fetish, a mild obsession perhaps. I have over 450 pairs of thongs, strings and bikinis in 4 drawers in my walk in closet. Top drawer from strings and thongs, second drawer for form fitting ice silk bikinis, third drawer for mesh and see through, fourth drawer for undies that I love but either I’ve stopped wearing them or they don’t fit properly but are too good to throw away. My favorite BA pair is the Gossamer string, so soft and stretchy and slightly see through.

Mike February 20, 2021

It is great underwear and I seem to buy a lot of it – see the above article! Just one minor quibble with it – the line about Body Aware being ‘body positive’ and m understanding of that phrase. The models that you have are gorgeous. I really enjoy looking at them – hey, I’m a gay guy, I appreciate hot guys! But body positive? To me, that phrase means that every body is beautiful, not matter the shape, size or colour. Body Aware’s models are a bit impossibly fit. Take the body of the model in this blog post. Now, he’s no Arnie. But even still, that body shape is the rare exception amongst even the young, fittest of fit guy’s in the gym I go to. Go to the beach and see an upper torso like that, it would be fair enough if your bottom jaw dropped and you gasped at the shock of such a stunning body. Because a body that fit is rare – gym, beach, anywhere – it’s rare full stop. Having photographs of impossibly fit models has been cited as a cause of male mental health issues, especially amongst young men. A body positive company would celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes and colours and ages and, while I have already admitted looking at your models, it is questionable whether Body Aware is body positive. Holding up these constant images of rare fitness as an exemplar of what a body should look like (even though these body shapes are rare) creates pressure on men and negatively impacts mental health. Still, that observation aside, I do enjoy Body Aware, I do collect and happily wear your stuff… and I do like looking at your models. But body positive? No, not on my understanding of the phrase.
Adrian (UK)

Adrian February 18, 2021

Love your all your styles and flavors, I’ve had many, and purged… The wife thinks I’m a freak…
I wish you had a monthly subscription that I could join then they would show up, and I’ll be like well I’ll try these on…
keep up the good work, I always get so excited shopping here.

supercshots February 18, 2021

I am consider myself as underwear collector. I have several things and lace pairs of underwear from BA. I am also infatuated with jock strap underwear. I have not count my underwear drawers. I probably have over 120 pieces.
Every time I wear each pair, especially the sexy and revealing one i feel sexy and happy.
I think even though no one see what are you wearing under your regular clothes but only you can feel and enjoy your sexy underwear.
Thank you for your blog.

Cliff February 18, 2021

Been a collector since college days. Brief and bikini styles in nylon and form fitting materials Have become a fan of satin and lace. Discovered xdress years ago and have been wearing their male panties for a number of years. Really like their lace trimmed bikini type. Have also become a fan of their bras, garters and stockings. BA has some fantastic satin designs.

Seattle Bill February 18, 2021

I can attest that finding BA and XD were the find of a lifetime for me. I have always been fascinated with female undies, and recall my first expression when I was two or three. Being heterosexual cast a taboo that I needed to hide, and in high school I was exposed by accidentally lifting my mattress in the presence of a friend, and under the mattress was where I kept my manties. He saw them, and may have told others, but that didn’t stop me. My the time I was 30, my wife had bought me a Valentine’s Day thong in black satin with red kiss marks all over it. Loved that thing, and wore it out. So once I found BA/XD it was heaven! I love the satin and lace Brazilian the best, and have two drawers full of about 100+ pairs of manties (not all satin and lace). So yes, I have a Ferris!
I also love the garter belts, pantyhose, and bodysuits! I agree the reds are great, but I really love the new blue colors that are out and cannot wait for a restock of those!
I love BA/XD, the things they do, their models (lose the bearded ones), and hope more people learn to enjoy the frilly side of being a man. Life is short, live hard. 😘

Sam February 18, 2021

Yes, fetish underwear guy for sure! And just when I say, “enough”, there’s another email from BodyAware or Xdress! Now, to thin out the collection a little. Where does one sell all of these at?!

MitchellHammock February 18, 2021

Interesting topic and I surely have an obsession. This blog is timely as today I cleaned out my underwear/panty drawer. I have two. Underwear for everyday which is mostly trunks in a satiny style. I have about 20 pair of these, all the same brand and 20 more in the brief style which is a bit longer in the leg but of the same material. I cannot find them any more and I hope the manufacturer brings them back soon. As for my panty/manty drawer, I have 60 pair. Thongs are the least in count totals but each one holds a special place in my heart. A lot of BA Satin: I wish the Shiny Red Sating Tanga would come back! Tangas are my favorite BA product and I have many. Then I go to the risqué side and my panties. Since finding XDress during COVID, I have over 30 pair in satin and lace products. All styles: panties, bikinis, cheeky’s, hipsters. Love very pair and color! Red and pink are my favorite but recently Ice Blue is a fav as are the polka dot collection. I have 8 bra’s, 8 garters, 2 pairs of panty hose. An obsession for sure and a collector to great lengths! Stay safe everyone and buy BA and XDress products! They are a great company!

Scott February 16, 2021

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