What Do Your Socks Say About You?

What Do Your Socks Say About You?

What do your socks say about you?

Socks keep our feet on the ground, they keep our extremities warm and snug and punctuate our style alongside our shoes. Socks are a personal item of clothing, they’re essentially underwear after all, something we always put on at the start of the day and take off at the end. For this reason, socks can say a lot about you - do you like snug ones, functional socks, mute tones, bright colours, novelty socks? There are so many choices these days, so much room for sock individualism! That’s what socks enable us to do, they enable us to smuggle some personalisation into any outfit. Sneaky, and on occasion naughty, socks can remain well hidden, only to be revealed in more intimate settings.



Of course, we have different socks for different seasons and from thick to thin, tall to short, there’s something to fit every purpose. Who has a big basket of socks? Most people we reckon, so who’s sock basket is full of dull socks? You know who you are! Well, maybe your first pair of spectacular socks will lead to another, and another, until eventually, your sock basket doesn’t look so grey, white and black anymore- and why not?



When we slip on our socks we slip into something that provides us warmness and snugness, especially in the colder months. Being encased in something that is personal to you keeps you grounded, how many of us have lucky socks, socks with sentimental value or socks we treasure because we wore them at special events? There’s something symbolic there, you cover them up throughout the day when you’re out and about but they’re always close to you.

So what do your socks say about you?

Socks make statements and our vast selection has many quirky pairs that are sure to bring a smile to those who see you in your new socks. Beer lovers can unite with beer themed socks, or do you prefer wine? No problem, say it loud and proud with a fresh pair of socks. Socks are a fun item of clothing to display extrovert patterns, you can sneak them under your professional work clothing during the day and no one will know that your socks are covered in pints of beer.



In the summer months, you can really flaunt your socks to others. Boldness pays dividends in the sock world so don’t be scared! No matter what your inner or outer loves and desires are, there are socks that fit the bill, ranging from simple and beautiful patterns to edgier designs. Pull up, knee high socks provide the biggest surface for bolder designs but shorter socks can disguise designs on their soles. Even the most outrageous statements can be effectively hidden on the sole of a sock - rep it anywhere and don’t worry!

Maybe you’re a shoe person but haven’t considered complimenting them with the right socks. Men, why pair your fantastic trainers with boring grey socks? Get creative.

Covering up your edgy designs can give you secret kicks at work, in the office, or on the streets. Back at home, you can get comfy and your socks will assist with that, always keeping you company and in the company of others, you can show off your personalized sock designs. Be a fearless sock wearer!



Novelty socks aren’t just exclusive to Christmas anymore, they’re fashionable essentials designed to be worn throughout the year. Keeping your sock basket stocked with a few pairs that are bound to tickle your fancy at some point will get you walking out the door smiling in the morning. It’s all thanks to a sock’s quirky nature. Whether you’re a long term sock lover or a convert from the grey/white/black sock basket, there are thousands of designs out there waiting to be perused, used and worn with pride!

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