BodyAware Underwear as Halloween Costumes!

BodyAware Underwear as Halloween Costumes!

The spookiest holiday is almost here! In just a little over a month, there will be ghouls, goblins, skeletons and sexy fire-fighters galore roaming the streets, clubs, and wherever else Halloween-celebrators feel like having their shenanigans. If you’re like a lot of people when it comes to this holiday, you might have just now remembered that you still need to look for a costume. Never fear, for Bodyaware is here to show you a few different ideas using some of our items that you may already have in your drawers!



Our Refracted Light Brief offers a bright, retro vibe that can be used to give you the most far-out hippie costume. Throw on a fringe vest, a pair of flip flops, and some peace-filled accessories and you’ll be the sexiest hippie at the party! Pants may be optional, but we’ll leave that to your discretion.



Become a sexy sea-man and wow everyone with this slick costume, inspired by our Merman Tanga! Wear this tanga with a crown, some aquatic necklaces, a shiny arm band, and a green shoe of your choice, and you’re an instant, modern merman! We prefer the shoes above for this look, but you can choose whichever kind will get you accustomed to walking without sea legs.



An oldie, but a goodie! With the help of our Lightweight Rip Stop Joggers, some paint, a white hat, and some white shoes, you can become a Smurf! Of course, this is one of the costumes that requires a bit more commitment (due to having to become blue), but it’ll all be worth it when you basically look like you jumped right out of the TV and into someone’s Halloween party! Just be sure to let that paint dry before you put on the joggers to avoid any unnecessary messes. Also, we recommend putting on this paint outside, not just so everyone can see your rockin' body, but because your carpets will thank you for it.


These are just a few of many ideas you could go with for Halloween costumes using our products! Which Bodyaware item(s) would you use to create a Halloween costume? What would the costume be? Let us know in the comments!

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