It's Time to Let Em' Go...

It's Time to Let Em' Go...

If you're reading this, then you're not the average guy. I can pretty much guarantee you're not sitting there in a pair of Fruit of the Loom briefs more commonly known as "tighty whiteys". If you're reading this, then underwear isn't just a necessity, it's an accessory, one meant to be shared in your most intimate of moments. 

We all have our favorite pairs. Ones that fit just a bit better than others or ones that show off all that hard work at the gym perfectly. But what happens when they get old? How do we know it's time for a new pair or even a whole new drawer full of undies? Let's talk about when it's time to let go.

There are two HUGE indicators that say a pair has to go.

The first is holes and rips. Unless the pair you're wearing is designed with cutouts they should not have holes in them. What ever the reason for the hole; whether you caught the item on something sharp (Gosh we hope not) or the holes develop because the fabric is getting thin. Holes do not send a good message to any person you are trying to impress with your underwear. 

The other is stains. This should go without saying, but we are all living creatures. We have the ability to stain fabric. But what would it say to a potential friend with benefits if there were stains on your intimates? Would you want to play with anything hidden in a pair of stained undies? No? Me either. If they become stained they gotta go.
Other indicators include pilling. You know when those little balls of fuzz form on a fabric? That's pilling. Wearing a garment that has had this happen is not comfortable so you DON'T want it covering your most sensitive skin. You can't fix a garment that has had this happen to it so once this happens it's time to let them go.

Strings hanging off your thong or briefs are not attractive. If your undies are coming apart at the seems then wave bye bye to them.

Undies that no longer fit should also be destined for the bin. If you're going to allow someone to see you in your intimate apparel you want to look good in them. Underwear that is too big just hangs off you and doesn't accentuate your natural form. Underwear that is to0 small can make you look like you're bursting out of the garment. Underwear should look painted on. To me that's the perfect look. Besides, wearing the wrong size is just plain uncomfortable.

I have a LOT of underwear in my drawers. Yes DRAWERS, plural. I could literally wear a different pair every day for a few months. This means that with proper washing (You do follow our directions on how to clean your undies right?) and how many other pairs are in my rotation, they last a few years. 

But accidents and life happen. So as much as it hurts to do so...... When a pair gets gross for any reason throw them away. 

Think of it this way, it's a perfect excuse to go shopping right here at Body Aware. And for me nothing is more fun than getting that package in the mail and having my own private fashion show as I try them all on.

Hope you have a great week!


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God Bless My Underwear, My Only Pair!
Love to shop for underwear and replace 1 with 5 almost always.
Body Aware selection is great! Thank you!


I am pretty lucky. I have been collecting the high end mens underwear for a number of years now. I am very careful at washing and wearing them. It isn’t often that I have to throw a pair out but when I do it is a bit sad. They are my good friends, hold my boys in place and make me feel and look sexy. I throw mine out when they get small holes. I have enough that I won’t miss the one pair. I will typically replace the one with five. Underwear is a lot of fun.


Any guys that have excess undies can pass them onto me anytime!!


Great article! We tend to become pack rats with our underwear and reading this may provide the motivation to clean out the old and look forward to the new.


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