Thongs: Not to be Feared

Thongs: Not to be Feared


Let’s get right in the middle of it, some men love thongs, and others are terrified of them. Let's start by covering the different styles of thongs, and then we can dive into why some men might be terrified of a tiny piece of cloth. 

First, let's break down the different types of thongs. Your traditional thong has a 3/4” to 1” back strap. These are my personal favorite because they offer a little more fabric that tends to tickle all the right spots. Next in line, you have the G-String. These are for the minimalist amongst us. They have a 1/4”-ish strap and usually the same thickness for the waistband. These are for when you want to cover the twig and berries, and that's about it. The next style I will mention, some won't lump into the thong category. The Brazilian-backed brief. These, to me, are entry-level thongs. They offer some coverage but still shape and draw attention to your glutes. Say for instance, The Lace Brazil Brief (Z291). This brief fits similar to a thong but has more coverage and helps work around the typical male excuses about wearing thongs. 

Speaking of excuses, let's dive into a few of them. There is always the age-old excuse, “why would you want something between your cheeks all day?” I can tell you that it will go one of a few ways. One, that string or strip (depending on which style of thong you prefer) runs right over an erogenous zone. A little arousal on your part can now turn your underwear into “funderwear”. Now, you shift in your seat and get a little more aroused. 

The Glossy Satin V-String Thong.

Another way it could go is that thin little strip of fabric settles in, and you don't even know it's there. It turns out to be the most comfortable pair of underwear you have ever worn, and you won't want to wear anything else. 

There is also the third option that I mentioned earlier, which is the Brazilian Brief. This particular undergarment will give you a hint of the tease of a thong without feeling like something is stuck between your cheeks. 

The second excuse is, “I can't wear a thong, I bend over a lot at work, and I might whale tale.” Yes, this is always a possibility. I have a couple of solutions, wear an undershirt and ensure it is well tucked in. Option two, grab one of Body Aware’s comfy bodysuits to wear over it. Then you will be bathed in double the luxurious fabrics. This excuse is one that I have used myself. It is scary knowing that you could be found out, that, oh no, you wear risque underwear. I have learned to embrace the fear, it's kind of exciting to know someone might see. Maybe they will ask, and I can enlighten them about the pleasure of wearing underwear outside the norm. 

The last excuse I want to cover is “I don’t have very much going on down there. Why even bother?” I can wave that excuse away quickly with, “Protect your sensitive area.” Even though there isn't much on the back of the underwear, there is a wonderful pouch to cradle and protect your intimate parts. Personally, for me, having the smooth, supple fabric holding the family jewels all day helps keep me protected and doesn't get them pinched or bound up. 

The Chevron Triangle Thong.

Ultimately, there is no excuse not to try out a thong. They are very comfortable, aren’t bulky, and keep you cool on a hard day of work. So be bold, be daring, be Body Aware, and try out a thong. 

I hope you have enjoyed this read. I'd love to hear about how you started wearing thongs, if you’ve ever been “caught,” and how you handled it. Let's fill up that comment section with stories and encouragement for men to step out and try the underwear most men think is awkward.



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As a skinny-dipper I’d rather not wear anything at the beach, but when it won’t cause people to faint I wear a thong or a g-string. Been into them for 35 years. Wife is supportive and likes the g-string underwear which enhances my bulge.


I was putting my shoes on one time and had a lot of stuff in my pocket, this made my pants slide down a little bit. Without realizing it my bright pink thong was showing and my sister in law had just come out of the bathroom. She noticed my thong and said loudly “Oh my gosh are you wearing a thong?!” and gave me a wedgie. Although this might have been embarrassing for some, it was exciting for me. I was confident, laughed, and just said yes I am and that I only wear men’s thongs. She said that she didn’t know I wore thongs and I told her that I had been wearing men’s thongs for years. She said that she thought thongs were uncomfortable and gave me props that I found them comfortable and liked them. We even talked about where I buy men’s thongs, how much they cost, how I got into them, and who knows that I wear thongs. Since then she’ll joke around with me when she see’s my whale tail but always shows her support and acceptance of me being myself.


First off, I love the encouragement to share how we’ve been caught wearing a thong and how those instances can be really exciting for someone. As someone who has been wearing thongs since I was a kid, the thought of another male or even a woman seeing your thong peak out can be really scary. There’s this idea that wearing thongs as a man is not “masculine” or “manly” that is really problematic and ultimately not true. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care if my thong is peaking out and actually enjoy when people see it. Having conversations about why I’m wearing a thong and about men wearing thongs is really exciting. It helps us get rid of stigma and show people that men can wear thongs and be confident/masculine while doing so. Thongs are very comfortable and they make me feel very sexy, especially in moments when I’ve been caught. I’ll be adding some stories below in separate comments :).


Have been wearing thongs & G-strings as underwear and beach wear for over 40 years. Love the feel, freedom and the tan line. They are not only comfortable but very sexy. Love to show them off when I get the chance. I probably have over 400 pair to show off in.


PLEASE fix the website so we can see the actual photo of the item? You have to scroll up and down to see the product. No one else’s website is like this. The image doesn’t fit on the screen. This is crazy annoying and makes me want to shop somewhere else.
BodyAware replies: Joey, thank you for letting us know you are having difficulty viewing the website. Can you tell me where you are seeing this fault on the photos, is it the blog or an actual product for sale? If its a product, can you give me an example so I can check, or is it every product?


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