The Way We Were

We wanted to share this interesting message from one of our first customers: 

"I have been one of your customers since the 1980s. In those days, Bodyaware was one of a very small group of companies providing men with designer underwear of quality. The kind of garments that actually enhanced the male anatomy, designed by people who also seemed to be familiar with the maIe anatomy. I have always purchased well-designed products where possible and was tired of the kind of underwear offered to men. Mostly, it lacked style, proper support, comfort, desirability and most certainly sex appeal. Most of the products, in my opinion, either made men look stupid or like slobs. Then there was the biggest and most ridiculous problem of all in those days. Men, by that, the supposed real men, weren’t supposed to care about such things. Why on Earth not? Personally, I not only wanted to look my best for me, but also for my girlfriend at that time. It seemed to me that women were getting a raw deal in that area."

"When I saw an advertisement for Bodyaware, I sent for a catalog as you did in those days. I was amazed to find black satin tanga briefs, nylon /Lycra mini briefs, an exotic range known as molten metal mini briefs, satin thongs, and designer swimwear. They were quite expensive,  but the quality, design, and style were all there. So I purchased two pairs of the black satin tanga. briefs and two pairs of red nylon/ Lycra mini briefs, plus a pair of the gold briefs from the molten metal range. My then-girlfriend thought that they were gorgeous. So that’s how I became a long-time customer. Goodbye to those hideous boxers and y fronts. In my view, they should be consigned to the dark museum. Anyway, that’s the history of my association with Bodyaware which of course, still continues to this day." 

"I think Bodyaware has had a  significant impact on how many men see themselves as individuals and how society at large views men’s fashion and style when it comes to designer underwear."

We are always interested in your experience with our products, customer service and overall thoughts on wearing underwear.  Please share your stories or comments below!


I agree with Tall Tex. The amount of body hair poking out of his underwear. Loved seeing that, but my how times have changed. We want no hair to show thru. “Bald shaved men parts look best!”

Michael October 30, 2020

I remember purchasing two pairs of the mini briefs in the molten metal range, one in green and the other pair in gold. I also purchased a blue thong from the same collection. When I received them, it was immediately clear that I would need to shave as exposed hair is not a good look. After showering and shaving off all of my pubic hair, I tried on my new briefs and thong. They looked sensational and felt unbelievably soft and silky next to the skin.. The thong was the nicest one I have ever worn. I felt unbelievably sexy wearing any of this underwear and think that it has only ever been surpassed in the BA range by the real silk mini briefs which they used to sell. My girl friend thought that my BA underwear was gorgeous and was disappointed that BA wasn’t making underwear for women. At the time, the BA undies for men were very daring and BA dramatically changed the way many men saw themselves, improving self confidence and changing their views concerning the kind of underwear they wanted. I still enjoy purchasing underwear from BA and am always surprised at the variety of styles colours and fabric on offer. But my all time favourites are the silk mini briefs and silk shaper Tanga briefs which they were selling until quite recently.

Chris March 25, 2020

I bought a cotton bodysuit (with shorts-style legs) in about 1994. It was so comfortable that I used to sleep in whenever it was hot in summer. This design is no longer available and my old one only lasted 15 years!

Ralph December 06, 2019

I just discovered Body Aware a few years ago, and had no idea they’d be around for so long! Love seeing these old pictures. Somebody should do a book on the history of Body Aware styles and/or how men’s underwear has evolved in the last 100 years!!

Brian October 26, 2019

Thank goodness design has moved on

Brian M October 26, 2019

I found body Aware a few years ago when I got into thongs and g strings after having major surgery and losing a lot of weight, no connection Twenty years ago you wouldn’t catch me in a pair of thongs or a g string as I usually went and still sometimes go ‘commando’ . I then got into thongs and g strings, A side benefit of these style ‘undies their minimalness, if that’s a word. Anyway i have to be careful when buying thongs and g strings as each clothier cuts their patterns differently so size is really irrelevant Also i like sheer fabric thongs and g strings as they don’t irritate sensitive skin. Body Aware thongs and g strings are awesome, if a bit pricey, well, made here in USA, are stretchy and have stretchy pouches which are good for endowed guys like me with loose nuts. I can put a pair on in the morning, wear ‘em all day without periodically having to ’adjust myself’. I can even wear ‘em for my gym workout and they rinse well in the gym shower with a few drops of liquid soap. and they dry in minimal time. I’ve even had comments from some of the guys in the gym as to where i got them. i tell ‘em Body Aware. Maybe you’ll have some new customers. Your products are great if a bit on the pricey side and because of this i try to buy them when on sale for a decent discount. I’m a satisfied Body Aware customer

Bill October 25, 2019

Please bring back the Kansas brief

Aidaen October 24, 2019

I would actually love these to make a comeback! Especially the red version in a metallic

Jason October 24, 2019

Au contraire, I prefer a natural amount of crotch/bum hair. Shaved upper backs do look better though.

Rory October 24, 2019

Interesting how high on the waist the underwear use to sit. Definitely a reason why the whale tail moniker came to be. Since we are reminiscing the past, I would love to see the cotton tissue style come back. Talk about minimalist while still having coverage. Good times.

Sevill October 24, 2019

I think when I shave down, not only does my package look huge, but my underwear looks better and I smell better!

Ray October 24, 2019

I am amazed with the amount of body hair exposed in the crotch area of that model compared to the almost hairless models of today in BodyAware and elsewhere. I much prefer the new look where less hair is in vogue.

Tall Tex October 24, 2019

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