The Thing About Satin

The Thing About Satin


I not only remember my own excitement when I received my first pair of satin briefs in the mail but even more so I remember my partner’s response the first time she saw me wearing them. We hadn’t been going out for too long, and it felt very bold of me to wear them in front of her and I was also really nervous – not every man wears satin.


This was all for nothing, her excitement was greater than mine! She took so much satisfaction and showered me with compliments. Given how excited I was to receive these satin briefs in the mail, it stands to reason that her excitement fueled mine! I was glowing on the inside (and probably the outside too!) and felt validated in my excitement in anticipating these wonderful briefs.


Since then, both my partner and I have become huge fans of the Body Aware satin products, and I can now say that this whole line of products is among my favorites. I’ve collected satin thongs, briefs, track shorts, leggings, and bodysuits. All of these are on my list of underwear favorites, and I eagerly look for more satin products. The look and feel of the fabric are wonderful, and the incredible luxury I feel each time I put them on is hard to explain. I love how the satin makes me look and feel, and it is now something I take tremendous satisfaction sharing with my partner. Indeed, each product I receive becomes a present for both of us.



I was surprised when I took the time to learn a little more about satin. The origins of the fabric date back to medieval China and the fabric eventually became incredibly popular among European royalty and elites dating back as far as the 12th century. Satin refers to the weave rather than the material of the fabric. Originally made with silk and other natural fibers, most satins today are made with synthetics. On a much more practical level, satin is just so satisfying to wear – it is light as air and feels luxurious every time I put it on. The fabric is gentle and like a comforting caress against the skin. The soft and shimmery look of it is very pleasing to the eye, and a smooth gentle surface not only feels wonderful against your skin, but it also provides some eye-candy for your partner. I feel a sense of contentment and pride every time I wear satin, like a peacock ready to strut in full glory. It not only feels gentle against my skin under my jeans but also feels like the best kind of secret when I am walking around the office. The confidence they give me when with my girlfriend is a treat for us both, and works its magic every time.


I’ve now come to the conclusion that, sure, not every man wears satin, but those who don’t, have no idea what they are missing! What do you think?  If you have any comments or experiences to share, I’d love to hear them.


Signing off for now!


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I have a few satin satin shirts which turn me on; I love the feeling against my skin and get excited wearing them.


Satin Fabrics are meant for Women. If Men wear satin…fine. It is alright. The Fabric is meant to decorate a Woman’s Curves…Not a Man’s Squareness. I’m a Man who Loves Satin Fabrics. I Would wear Satin at my Woman’s Request. Unless I was Seeking a Sexual Partner Or Mate.

Damian Lopez

Satin: The next best thing to sex. It is soft, sleek and feels great against the male body or any body I imagine! I love it! Especially the Tangas from Body Aware! I started wearing satin women’s panties and still do from time to time and that is how I learned how great it feels! At first I was a little embarrassed to wear women’s underwear but it was the only optionI knew of at the time since I did not know Body Aware existed. I did not wear it exclusively, only when I felt like spicing it up or for a special occasion with my girlfriend. Thankfully, I came across the Body Aware website and find their products to fit the male body a bit better and offer more support to my package. My girlfriend loves to shop the Body Aware site with me and we purchase often. Sometimes I think she is more excited than I am for the order to arrive and she sometimes wears my Body Aware and I wear her panties. A huge turn on when we both leave the house wearing each other’s undergarments and we playfully text all day in anticipation of our reunion that evening! Thank you Body Aware!


Many years ago, an older cousin came to stay, and he brought with him a pair of incredibly sexy black satin speedos, with lace-up sides (!), which he wore as the height of masculinity. [I even remember the brand – ‘Red Sail’.] Needless to say, I couldn’t let him take them back with him, so they “went missing”…
Meanwhile, I couldn’t understand why it was acceptable – and indeed required – for boxers to wear satin shorts, whereas satin underwear was just for sissies.
To cut a long story short, largely thanks to BA, satin underwear is back: it’s sexy, looks good and feels fantastic, as does their satin swimwear, which at last has re-emerged as being acceptably manly and above all gorgeous to look at and wear.
So thanks to those guys, I can now fulfill my long-held dream to wear satin 24/7, in a variety of colours, shapes and forms, but always close to the skin.

Chris UK

Have slept in satin shets. Tend to slip n slide everywhere. New Greek God briefs great

Brian Munro

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