The Invisible Strut Thong

The Invisible Strut Thong

I hope I am not the only one who thinks or feels this way, but when I order a new pair of underwear online, I am full of excitement and anticipation until it arrives!  I really want to know if the new pair looks and feels like I imagine it when I first find it online. I’ll track the package, and once I see it has arrived I’ll hurry to the mail eager to try the new undies on.  Sometimes I can be a bit disappointed when I try the new pair on, sometimes however my expectations are exceeded.

And such is the case with my new Body Aware Invisible Strut Thong.  I was so excited to try this on, and I can say with complete certainty now, this thong is everything I imagined and more!  Indeed, I got this yesterday and I am wearing it now while I write – I just couldn’t wait to share my experience of this great thong!

Really, the best part of it is the fabric, both sheer and stretchy.  If you are between sizes, I recommend going to a smaller size. The combination of sheer and stretchy makes a snug fit feel perfect.  The stretchy microfiber is semi-transparent, revealing and hiding in equal proportions. This thong gives you great lift too, so with the transparent fabric, it provides a great way to show off what you've got.  The fabric is also very soft, so you will feel very comfortable snuggled up in it. The lift and support it provides will be with you all day, a little reminder of how wonderfully tucked away you are down below.


This might be the most minimal thing I’ve ever worn.  The cut is so small and skimpy, almost like nothing at all.  In no way, however, is this thong binding or constricting. With the wonderfully stretchy fabric, you feel tucked in and snug, but also free to move about and express yourself.  It holds shape nicely too, so its perfect for wearing all day.

This thong also comes in great colors.  I got the purple (which is a bit softer of color than it appears online), and I am eager to get the orange and turquoise next.

The Invisible Strut Thong is also perfectly named.  The semi-transparent fabric and extremely minimal cut are as close to nothing as anything I’ve ever worn.  And walking down the street this morning on my way to work, with the thong nestled comfortably between my butt cheeks, I felt like I was wiggling my tail feathers, strutting my stuff so to speak!  All-day I felt like I was beaming with pride and confidence. If you like skimpy thongs, this one is a must!

Signing off for now!


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Just my kind of underwear! I have quite a bubbly bottom, and would love to wear these panties in public. Perhaps best compromise is a pair of semi transparent shorts that I have, to wear over the top of these. You can walk around town forgetting that you’re wearing any panties at all!


I feel the same way about my panties. I get all excited when they arrive and that is the real test of how they fit. That is what panties do to me. I only wish that I had someone to wear them for and then when they came in the mail, I could do the first modeling of that pair.


I love the way this thong looks in the pictures. I have been thinking of getting it and all you guys convinced me. I will get it and then let you know what I think.


I have several pairs of these in thongs & bikinis & I love them. Super light weight & I actually forget that I even have underwear on. The fabric is so soft against my dick & balls . I love BA products & will continue to be a customer.


Don’t you think that age lessens the desire for interest in sex? I am much, much older than most of you. One of the “releases” I have is great underwear. The very best is Bodyaware. BA’s selections help me to exist day by day. Their selection are the sexiest a BEST!


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