The Ins and Outs of Thongs

The Ins and Outs of Thongs


I bought my first thong about 10 years ago, and it was kind of an ordeal for me.  I was thrilled and excited to try it out but also felt very anxious and self-conscious about it at the same time.  To complicate the whole thing, even more, my partner at the time did not share my enthusiasm, and really just made me feel foolish and embarrassed.  The whole experience left me conflicted, both curious and shamed.

Well, a whole lot has changed since then.  First and most importantly, I have a new partner now, and she loves to see me in thongs.  But more than just that, the industry and culture have changed. While at one-time mostly just a novelty item in adult stores, thongs for men are now produced by high-end fashion designers.  And while perhaps still really just for the more adventurous, the prevalence of them on the market is a clear indication of broader acceptance. So, I sometimes ask myself, what’s the big deal about it all?  Why did/does this kind of underwear solicit so much curiosity from me, and such strong and divisive responses from people around our culture? I decided to do a little digging into it, to see if I could learn a little more about it all.


A quick google search shows that my question and interest in the subject is not at all unique.  There are posts online trying to document the history of men wearing thongs – offering evidence of ancient Greeks and other cultures wearing them – as justification for wearing them today.  There is no shortage of YouTube videos in which men and women discuss the pros and cons of seeing men in thongs, and you can even find podcasts in which men talk about what they like about them.


Having looked at all of this kind of stuff, and as someone who has been wearing thongs for about 10 years now, here are a few things I think you should consider if you what to add them to your underwear repertoire:

  1.  First and foremost is you.  If you like them, wear them.  If it feels fun or valuable to put on a thong, do it.  Do not let people in the gym or your partner shame you.  If it is your partner, maybe you’ve got the wrong man or woman in your life, or hopefully, your pride and enthusiasm for thongs can become contagious.
  2. The make and design matter.  In 10 or more years of trying various different styles and makers, the thongs you choose to wear do matter.  And I do feel you get what you pay for. A poorly made thong can be uncomfortable and binding. A well-made thong can make you feel great all day – supported, sexy, comfortable, and self-aware.  There are definitely better brands of thongs out there, and there are also a variety of different cuts. Over the years I’ve found Body Aware and a few other brands I like, but that also came from trying a lot of different designers.  It can be fun to do, and you can think of it as a little experiment!
  3. The fabric is extremely important!  A good thong should fit snuggly, but not be binding.  And a good thong should not only hold its shape all day, but it should also hold up through repeated washing and use.  The fabric is also a large part of the look and can be a fun thing to see in the mirror and share with your partner.
  4. And the last thing, it’s fun!  Thongs are with you all day, really in a way that I think no other underwear choice is.  The snug fit and cut of the fabric will stick with you all day (no pun intended!) and can truly give a little bounce and play to your step.

At this point, I think I have more thongs than I do any other style of underwear.  If you’ve never tried them, I hope I have something here to give you a little encouragement!  And if you do try them out, please come back and share your experiences with me here! If you already wear them, I’d love to hear what you think too.

Signing off!


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I’m 65 and have worn thongs in house or as under jeans and shorts for years. My question is I want to get semi transparent shorts and maybe thin jeans to wear thongs in public shopping etc. What’s your opinion on this?


I’m 65 and have worn thongs in house or as under jeans and shorts for years. My question is I want to get semi transparent shorts and maybe thin jeans to wear thongs in public shopping etc. What’s your opinion on this?


I enjoy wearing the men’s bikini thong underwear and swimwear. You get far more free movement in the water or just walking around. They wash and dry easy and fast. For me they are the best to wear on hot days.


I switched from boxers, to boxer briefs, to bikini underwear then to thongs slowly over the last 6-7 years. I’m not really sure exactly how it all happened but today, I wear thongs just about every day. Unfortunately my wife is not a huge fan of “men wearing thongs” but like everyone else has said, it’s my body, my choice. When you find the right brand and the right material, thongs are by far then most comfortable underwear ever made. I be real, what guy in their right mind that knows any better would want to wear underwear down to their mid thighs in 90 degree weather. If nothing else they are so much cooler on the summer. And I have to say they look fantastic also.


Tengo 50 años y me encanta usar tanga . Todo empezó cuando un amigo me visitó a mi casa y descubrí que solo usaba tangas como ropa interior , me parecieron muy sexis y empece a usar tanga , ahora también mis hijos disfrutan usar tangas también.

Juan plata

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