The Importance of Color


“If Bacchus ever had a color he could claim for his own, it should surely be the shade of tannin on drunken lips, of John Keat's 'purple-stained mouth', or perhaps even of Homer's dangerously wine-dark sea.”

Victoria Finlay, Color: A Natural History of the Palette

Color has proven a powerful phenomenon in human experience.  Philosophers and artists – reaching back as far as Pythagoras and Plato – have pondered the physical and psychological nature and power of color.  Artists throughout the 20th and 21st centuries have made innovative bodies work exploring color in its most basic and elemental form.  Psychologists, too, have explored the potential and meaning found in color, and have recognized the impact color can make on our moods, relationships, and self-conception, and even how it can change our sense of taste and other sensual experiences.

Like many men, for years I only wore black, white, and grey underwear.  Perhaps in my bolder high school days, I’d wear plaid boxers, but still, I was limited in a plain palette with little to no expressive character and a narrow conception for color as an essential component for understanding masculinity.


But then I discovered color.  I still remember the first colorful undies I purchased, a three-pack of bright, cotton briefs while a student in grad school.  They were rich cotton bikinis and the perfect kind of snug. Each pack came with some combination of red, teal, orange, purple, blue, or yellow.  The first time I wore them, my girlfriend took notice, and couldn’t let it go without comment. Wearing them opened a new sense of pride and confidence, and right away I started doing a lot of selfies in my new colorful briefs.  I felt bold wearing them, and they helped me to feel proud of my body.

Once that door was opened, I embraced color, and with it has come a new understanding of masculinity.  For decades, our culture has limited masculinity to a stoic, absent kind of presence, especially when it comes to wearing clothes that accentuate our bodies and sexuality.  Color has taught me that masculinity can be showy. Just take a look at cardinals – many varieties of birds, actually – so often the male bird is the one with all the color and show.  Embracing this has opened a broader and more expressive sense of myself, my masculinity, and my sexuality.



Strangely, if you were to see me on the street you probably wouldn’t notice or think anything about me and my color choices.  Like many men, I wear a limited palette of t-shirts and jeans. Underneath of these, however, I wear bright teals, yellows, blues, purples, reds, and really a whole range of colors to fashion different moods and to boldly share my inner colors with the lucky few who get to see them (I especially like the Body Aware rust color!).  The right color, if only shared with me and partner, can make me feel bold, sexy, confident, masculine, sensual, quiet, thoughtful, and sassy.


Having this full arsenal in my drawer, it does nothing but help me express my true self and the many nuances of my masculinity. How has wearing colorful underwear enhanced your life? If you have any comments or experiences to share, I’d love to hear them.


Signing off!



We are a nation of many types of people with different backgrounds and different color. We should celebrate this diversity daily and extend it to our wardrobe! Undergarments included! Nothing says boring like white, cotton briefs or boxers! Back in the day, boxers offered some colors and patterns but never offered the full support we needed. I started with women’s panties because of the styles and colors they came in and because I did not know Body Aware existed. Styles like thongs and Tangas and cheekies and boy shorts in all sorts of fabric: cotton, satin, silk, lace, spandex. All very comfortable and very stylish! The Body Aware product continues that tradition of adventure and style but makes it for men! Thank you for showing us your true colors and for the advancement of manties style!

Scott August 07, 2020

I agree! I’ve embraced the rainbow of colors since my girlfriend thought that my intimates were too white, nude and black! Ever since, my colors tend to sway towards the neon colors of teal, pink and aqua.She has fun bringing me new bolder colors and styles! I definitely get looks in the gym locker room when changing! If the rest of the male culture only knew how primitive I feel when stripping down!

Grady September 07, 2019

These colors and on point! I personally love to rock pink underwear. Men should be bold when choosing colors since it is unlikely others will never know. It certainly can be fun to have that little secret.

undies4life August 29, 2019

I love that high end underwear fashion for men is becoming openly embraced for straight guys. I really love the color and print choices available in men’s underwear today.

Ron August 11, 2019

100% agree. It’s time to break-down the men’s fashion barrier. I regularly color match my underwear with my outer wear. If I wear a pink shirt, I’d like to be able to compliment it with a sexy pink bikini or a thong without being judged or ridiculed. If I choose a flowery print, why not?! It’s my body and I will wear what makes me feel content and confident. Great blog and keep them coming!

Florentino August 10, 2019

I totally agree. Its the age of discovery and age of redefining masculinity. I should say reclaiming it! In the history of mankind it was always the male that had color nail polish fluffy shirts and even wigs. Native Americans and Egyptian pharoahs wore make up!
Now its our time to claim it back

Stevie August 10, 2019

Agree! Color can be such an important statement, and can do a lot in helping express your masculinity and sexuality. I try to keep a lot of different colors around, from pink and yellow to black and blue. I think a good range of colors can do wonders for turning your partner on too, at least my wife seems to think so.

Scott August 10, 2019

Great post! I also really love the color choices available to men today!

Steve August 10, 2019

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