Skirts for Men!

We’re living in a time where men’s fashion is becoming less and less strict. Thank goodness, right? Can you believe that it used to be a statement when a guy wore something pink? And now, when you see guys in pink, you probably just think “whatevs, it’s a guy wearing something pink.” I honestly love that society has been less strict on what a guy can wear, because it’s so repetitive and boring to see that a “best dressed” guy means “a guy wearing a tailored suit.” Sure, tailored suits look nice, but where's the artistry in that? Where's the sense of self-expression that shows their distinct taste in fashion?


Any guy can pull off a tailored suit, but can any guy pull off something like, oh, I don’t know…a skirt?



I mean, I think we all could.


When it comes right down to it, a skirt is just another type of short/pant, right? It just doesn’t have the individual leg openings that would make it considered as such. We usually see them designed in more “feminine” ways, but who’s to say that a man can’t wear them and look great in them?


The idea of a man wearing a skirt definitely isn't a new thing. Jaden Smith has been rocking skirts for almost a year now, and there are big name companies such as Hot Topic and Barney's New York that made skirts for men. It's gotten so much in the mainstream eye, that even Buzzfeed decided to have some correspondents try wearing skirts for a week!



Such a beautiful message, right? We should be able to wear what we want, and we shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable about it! If we feel it looks good with the outfit, and it's something that we think fits with our style, why should society tell us that we can't wear it?


So what do you think of skirts for men? Could you see yourself wearing some? Do you already own a skirt, perhaps? Let’s get conversational in the comments!


Skirts are a gender neutral garment. None of my skirts have a genitalia. I enjoy the comfort of being free of the nuisance of a crotch seam. I have never felt feminine while wearing a skirt. My wife certainly does not look like a man even though she always wears pants or shorts.

David July 12, 2020
I am a female and absolutely love my jean skirts not shorts or pants. The Bible says women are not suppose to wear men’s garments and men are not suppose to wear women’s garments. Traditionally women wear dresses and skirts and men wear pants and shorts. I am sure men would love skirts ,but its questionable due to the fact that in Ireland or Scotland men wear kilts???? I will say ;however, men would love instead both leather and jean skort shorts, you know the one with the front wrap that looks like a skirt in the front and shorts in the back. Really all in all a skort is just shorts anyway.
Christina December 29, 2019

I have always loved skirts. I now have 7 satin maxi skirts that I wish I could wear in public. I have satin overalls and get great compliments on them. i think about using a overall top with a skirt bottom. I hope men in satin and skirts would become normal. I wear bridal satin overalls in public without any bad remarks. Now hoping skirts will be the same

Bob June 28, 2019

I now wear nothing but panties and just resently purchased two very nice nighties. But I would like to break out with a skort. Only they’re made generally for women. A skort made just for men and made in the plus sizes ( 44 and up ) would help me to come out of shell and into the open. Please makes of clothing think of us bigger men.
Thank You so much !

Heartbreaker April 02, 2019

I am a straight guy. I love wearing skirts and wear them out at every opportunity. I eagerly await the coming of men’s skirts into popularity to provide us an alternative to boring and crotchety pants.

Atap Tam November 12, 2018

If men, as I DO TOO, want to wear skirts as I DO we should go out in PUBLIC with a SHIRT ON. I wear a baggy T shirt and wear a short SKIRT with it. I go in to Circle K and other Quick stops with the SKIRT on. most don’t even look at what I have on as the shirt covers the skirt.

Men need to start FASHION SHOWS with the SKIRT and PUBLICIZE it, this way men will not be frowned on when caught in a skirt. This would change Men’s and Women’s view on MEN IN SKIRTS.

I would love to see a MANLY SKIRT with 2 deep pockets in front, 2 Medium pockets in back and CARGO POCKETS ON THE SIDE like military pants.

The SKIRT is so much COOLER than SHORTS in the HOT WEATHER.


David Hanson July 12, 2018

I am 6’5 and all through life I’ve struggled to find pants that fit my length and waist how often do you see a 30 waist and 36 inseam? Exactly, but with a skirt I don’t have to worry. For years I had to “sag” my pants or go up in size that would make them sag anyway. In my opinion having your butt cheeks hanging out of you pants seems like a way of offering them up or wanting people to see them similarly to how a woman would expose herself in revealing garments is clearly wanting to draw attention to those areas. I came to the conclusion by way of practicality that skirts were the answer. As for it being feminine that’s really up to the wearer of the skirt. I’m not pairing it with “female” cut and designed shirts because they were made for a low muscle structure and breasts so it is to be expected that would look feminine right? There is a clear difference between someone who is being comfortable and secure in themselves verses someone wanting to BE a woman. It is in my experience that men who deny the opportunity to express themselves due to insecurities and social stigmas actually develop more homosexual tendencies than secure individuals not afraid to cross the invisible borders of fashion. As for acceptance, women as a majority love it, some think it’s weird but don’t have anything bad to say about it. Men usually look confused, chuckle or looked relieved because they too have desired such freedom as well.

Xavier June 08, 2018

I can’t wait for the day when men can dress with any piece of clothes without being judge. I too like to wear feminine clothes that fits me better and more comfortable than male clothes.
Maybe some of us get together and start an anual “no pants day for men” to wear skirts instead.

Edna March 06, 2018

I can’t wait for the day when men can dress with any piece of clothes without being judge. I too like to wear feminine clothes that fits me better and more comfortable than male clothes.
Maybe some of us get together and start an anual “no pants day for men” to wear skirts instead.

Edna March 03, 2018

Skirts are much more comfortable, there are skirts with pockets and cargo kilts. it’s to bad that many women say no, whilst the skirt is by origin a man’s garment.

John February 16, 2018

I am a shameless clothes hound! My wife and I love to go shopping together. Presently, I have around 30 skirts of varying length and fabric, to be able to dress for all seasons. I have about that many blouses also. We are fortunate to live in a fairly remote area with a number of acres of land, so I’m free to go out and about on our property. We live in a very conservative area of the country, and I wouldn’t be willing to be out in public in a skirt. Possibly being attacked would not be an unreasonable concern. Still, with that said, I love to wear a nice skirt!

Angie January 22, 2018

I think pants are much more practical since they have pockets. I do not want to be carrying a bag or backpack wherever I go. It is much more practical to wear pants or shorts because they habe pockets. I wear jeans in the winter, and cargo shorts in the summer. I would wear a skirt if they found a way to put pockets in them (and they became fashonable for men).

Daniel April 25, 2017

Everywhere we’re talking about climate change, in science-magazines people talking about wearing “cool clothes” (fabrics) and make your body feel comfortable. Is there any little piece of clothes around in this world which could a male body fit better than a skirt or dress?
I don’t think so, but if you can find any please let me know because nor scientist or me couldn’t find it yet. And, using our common sense a little bit, nothing is more comfortable for female and male than skirted garments. Humans in our past knew that already, but our sometimes twisted kind of thinking can’t understand it what might be good for the body. Cultural shifts helped creating new ways of dressing, but sometimes we should look to that what is best for body and mind and not just following a mass-hystery that men have to wear something which was good 200 years ago when the Industrial Revolution demanded a better security for the body and put men in pants. We are over that, but a lot of people do not see it and still keeping in their mind the false stigma that pants are male clothes and skirts female. Nothing is right, and we are unable to follow our last part of instinct to make our body feel good and healthy – a sad situation.
Only real men which are on their own feet standing in the world make the difference and follow a new “TREND” which not knew but it will be a new way of understanding of clothes. Not pants or skirts are a piece of a sex, both are a piece of clothes and everybody can use it – everybody, female and male, in their own way.
So, what is holding men back?

Miramar March 16, 2017

I do not understand that men have problems to wear skirted garments. Not so long ago skirts, tunics, etc. were a “normal” piece of clothes for men.
All what we’re making up with “female” or “male” clothes is a thing (nobody can identify exactly what it is) in our heads divide clothing in parts. And, it is only for men where the restrictions are being held. We call that equal and a that is a big lie.
Almost all clothes are already adopted out of men’s closets for WOMEN. Huh? Even leggings, nothing else than the long underwear for men new designed. Pantyhose? Yes, men wore that in Europe during the 30-year war 1634 first time. Any questions?
Men just have to go with the new fashion stream and be confident with it – wearing skirts and men-dresses.

Stephanie February 26, 2017

First of all…. Skirts were worn first by men. But it doesn’t matter today. Yes, skirts are the most comfortable garment they could wear. It seems that people becoming more open minded and accept it that men should have the same right to wear whatever they want. Restrictions are enough around. Skirt-wearing men should just approach their goal to be a very special kind of male which are able to express themselves.
And, skirts could become mainstream, but men have to go for it. Mainstreaming is just a way to do, wearer act in a certain way, it does not fall from sky, just men can do it…..NOW.

Mara February 12, 2017

Oh let’s see, let me count the skirts I have. My first skirt purchase was probably a little too out there, a stretch nylon/poly tennis shirt that was a tad too short for anything other than dashing from the bedroom to the kitchen for coffee. My second purchase added a few inches, I think it was another tennis skirt, or perhaps soccer skirt, which i used for the same type of activities. I did venture out to the market once while wearing the one of the tennis skirts, and encountered a friend while shopping the veggie aisle. I was devastated that in my own eye I probably looked ridiculous in the mini-skirt length wrap. Next i purchased the first of three Mountain Hardwear Mountain Kilt’s that I now own. I wear those mostly anytime not work related when I would otherwise wear jeans. I now also have two Skirtcraft skirts, and what I guess is a ’70’s vintage (made-for-women) kilt by Jantzen sportswear found at a second hand store. As a man I really appreciate skirts that have pockets and belt loops. Heavier materials seem to drape well and don’t pose the expose risk from a puff of the breeze that a lighter skirt might present. My wife and kids think it is queer that I like skirts, but I guess part of my mission is to give them an opportunity to reform their tendency to judge others on some sort of normal scale. The fact that I am bisexual does not help that cause, lol. I do struggle a bit trying to pair my footwear with my skirts. I don’t like on me the look of most boots with my skirts, and don’t like looking like a catholic school girl with knee high stockings and loafers below the hemlines. A time or two I have worn long underwear or leggings with my skirt. Anyway, that’s where I am now. I have a feeling that the chicken-and-egg dynamic prevents many more men from stepping into skirts… If more men did it then they would join in and give it a try. But until then, the inertia dominates. I have finally healed from most of my own “internal homophobia” about wearing skirts in public, and it really helps me to know that when other men see me there is a percentage of them who will themselves be inched forward in venturing out one day. Darn, I wrote too much. Cheers to all. Matt

Matthew January 16, 2017

About 2 years ago I put on my 1st skirt (Skirtkraft). It started all with the concept of “why not?”.. Now I wear only skirts and utility kilts. i am world famous in the small city where I live (in Chile). Women love it and want pictures with me and the Chilean men let me with the excuse that I am a foreigner. Now I ordered my first dress.
Together with your panties it is naughty now and then.
That being said, I like to react on the expression “cross dresser”. Delete that word! It puts the concept of wearing female considered clothing in the negative spotlight. Women are cross dressing all,the time, but that is normal. I don’t want to be a woman. And I choose my dressing to look masculine although it goes with a skirt.
Thumbs up for all avant gardists! You are on the right track!

Harry December 06, 2016

This is awesome! Opens up so many possibilities and a much needed revision of clothing choices for men! Thanks for the ideas! I like it.

Michael November 25, 2016

I like to add the following to my message above that I also wear leggings. This is another garment piece meant for the female, but it has two legs so in my view it can be worn by guys. Of course we have to take our body size into considerations when trying on leggings. That said I fully agree that women should also consider their body size as well. I have seen to many females on the street in leggings and asked my self “what were you thinking” women to put on legging that looked so awful on their bodies. In short it goes both ways. I am 150 lbs and wear size 12-14 skirts and kilts.

Thomas November 24, 2016

Due to a medical issue I wore kilts and skirts for more than ten years. As agreed above skirts give the men a much better freedom and they look nice on them. I wish that manufactures of men’s skirts will use male models and only male models. I see to many web sites for men’s skirts using female as models. So please put it out in the open that skirts are for man and women alike. But also don’t use outrageous designs for men’s skirts, we’re far away to dress in most colourful designs making it ridiculous on a men’s body. Neutral designs would be best.

Thomas de Jong November 24, 2016

I believe when skirts become mainstream, it will be sudden. The best customers will be women buying them for men. If I were creating an ad campaign it would show women admiring men in skirts.

They allow unlimited stride, ventilation, lack of tight restriction while driving, and fun to wear.

Jarett November 20, 2016

as a cross dresser in transition can testify that society is moving, but slowly. still find it easier to wear skirt or dress when presenting the female from head to toe, but welcome others to help break the barriers & share the breeze on bare or stockinged legs. And am happy to find pockets, though now often sport a cross body bag to carry about the necessities.

thanks Body Aware

Doug November 20, 2016

I love that you are designing a skirt for men and I like the approach that you are taking. I currently have 18 skirts ranging from kilts to lungis to full length denim, fleece, or wool. While skirts on a man still draws the occasional odd look I’ve found a large number of folks to be very complimentary of this as a fashion option for me. Look forward to seeing some of your designs!

Charles November 20, 2016

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