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Shoppable Instagrams, Useful or Not?

Posted on 18 May 2017

As an online site, we have to stay on top of trends and new technologies! Therefore, we thought it's about time we try out a Shoppable Instagram as a new way for you guys to shop! Since we noticed more than 65% of our customers tend to use a mobile device to do their shopping, this may be a much faster and easier way to get what you really want and allow us to keep you in the loop with any new items that are available in our store, or when your favorite items are back in stock!


This is how our Shoppable Instagram works if you have never used it before. The link is available in our Instagram bio, or if you are already on our site it'll be underneath the blog section on our BodyAware homepage. The images appear as our Instagram feed, but when you hover over them or tap the image it'll take you to a screen where it allows you to shop the look. Once you tap on the product you want, you'll be redirected to our online store to select the color and size you would like to add to your cart. You can either go back to the shoppable Instagram or keep on shopping. Your cart will always be saved for adding any more items, or you can purchase the item right then and there. It's that simple! Give it a try below and let us know in the comments if you like this way of shopping or not! 



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1 comment

  • Tim: July 01, 2017

    Of more use to me would be product labels that can be scanned with something like RFID. Sensors in closets, drawers and even clothes hampers. It would be really useful to know the styles and colors available for wear every day.

    This type of facility would integrate very nicely with products like Echo Look, Cortana Invoke, even with your calendar for advance planning those important business and social events.

    It could also keep recommended care information handy for each item, track estimated condition from age and laundering history, even recommend replacements in the same or similar styles. Cloud based inventory could help keep me in the loop with new and back in stock product notifications customized for my known preferences.

    I’m hoping the IoT will develop very quickly and provide a multitude of new conveniences to make life easier and more pleasurable.

    I also hope the website remains the center of the BodyAware Universe. Shopping the site is a real pleasure!

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