Get Em' Before They're Gone!

Get Em' Before They're Gone!

Today I was reading the comments on a few of my previous blogs.

I have come to the realization that I am not only an “Underwear Addict” I am a collector!

I have dozens of pairs of undies. I could probably go three or four months without ever wearing the same pair twice! Like all collectors though, I have a few pairs that are my favorites.  Herein lies the problem.

When we find that perfect pair of undies, we tend to wear them more than the rest of our collections. I’m guilty of wearing a pair, washing them and then wearing them again as soon as they are clean.

This is good and bad.

It’s good, because I found a pair that I really like! Whether it’s the color, cut, material or fit, something about that pair just feels right.  And you know the first time you put them on and model them in the mirror that WOW, these are great. These are my new faves!

It’s bad because they get worn and washed more than my other pairs which means that... I wear them out faster than my non-favorite pairs.

All my favorite pairs come from Body Aware. My absolute favorites are my Jet Thong and my Mini Sparkler G-string. I am very careful washing my undies by hand or on the gentle cycle in my washer. But the nature of clothes (Particularly underwear and socks) is that they do wear out. No problem right? Just hit and buy another pair. Maybe yes, maybe no.

If you’ve been a customer of Body Aware for any length of time then you know that we tend to sell out of certain items quite quickly.  Our recent See-Thru Stripe Swim Briefs being an example. If you find that perfect pair of undies there’s no guarantee that when it’s time for a replacement pair that they will still be in our inventory.

So let me make a suggestion. When you buy one of our products and absolutely LOVE it then don’t hesitate. Order a few more pairs right away! This insures you’ll be wearing your favorite style for years to come! 

And one more thing, If you see something on our site that you really like then order right away! I’ve been writing here for a few months now and even I missed out on that new See-Thru Stripe Swim Brief! Not to worry though, I’m sure our designers will come out with even more sexy designs in the future.

Now I’ve just got to decide which color Mini Sparkler G I want to wear tomorrow! I think I’m leaning towards blue.

Have a great week!!


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I agree 110%! I have about 8or 9 pairs of semi sheer short-shorts for years now and they haven’t come back. 😢 they haves faded after 100’s of washings and still going! Three pairs are with the leg split up to waist, in green with black trim, grey with red trim and red with grey trim.
Sooooooo comfortable! Plus, I love how a bikini or thong swimsuit is visible underneath!
Keep up the great work!!


Me too
But i have my favorites
Hate to miss out on a new pair i really like
That wish list is long
Hashtag guys wear sexy undies


Totally got me addicted!! I’ve settled on squeezing in mediums when a large would be better, butt I like a tight cheeky fit.
Still hopeful that what you have on YouTube will be available again.


You’re so right! My heart aches and I feel like kicking myself in the butt every time I see Michael modeling the beautiful, bum bracing, I’ve Got Your Heart Brief (my 4000+ pic BA slide show). It disappeared from the site so quickly! Even in the second go-round it was already sold out in medium by the time I spotted it. I’ve also missed out on a couple of booty shorts and other items from being slow on the trigger. Get them if you like them!


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