Risky Business

Do you remember the advice Miles gives to Joel in the classic 80s film Risky Business?  Joel’s parents had just left town leaving him alone for a week, and Miles is encouraging him to make some changes: “Sometimes, Joel, you just gotta say, what the fuck.”  In my own, small way, this has become a New Year’s resolution of mine, and I can say so far so good.

A couple of days each week I work at a large, socially progressive research university.  The days I am on campus I like to swim laps for exercise. I’ve been doing this for years.  And for years, the days I am going to undress in the locker room in front of other men, I have always chosen to wear my “normal” underwear.  In 2020, however, I’ve decided to say what the fuck and show my true colors.

After my swim and shower, when I get dressed I put on my favorite undies – satin bikinis, thongs, and even lace.  And you know what? I no longer care if people see me wearing them. I was always shy about showing these kinds of things.  In my last relationship, my partner made me feel there was something wrong with me for being into underwear, especially the designs I like most.  I have a different partner now, and she digs my love of underwear. Her approval, I think, has given me the desire to flaunt the things I really like to wear.

I also decided, what’s the worst that can happen?  Somebody might say something to me? Unlikely, but ultimately I now understand that this would reveal more about them than me.

I started tepidly, and would quickly put my pants on after pulling on my thong.  After a couple of months, I now take my time. I am sure it comes as no surprise that no one has said a thing to me.  I have gotten a couple of double-takes, mostly from older men and on days I wore satin undies, bikinis that many would identify as panties.

I like who I am, and as strange as it might sound to many, underwear is part of how I express and define myself.  That’s why this year I’ve decided to say what the fuck, and not be ashamed of who sees me in the things I like to wear.  If you haven’t taken this kind of step, if you are like the older me that was shy and ashamed of liking to wear, I’d like to encourage you to think otherwise, and not to be shy or afraid about showing these “unconventional” things you like to wear. 

Be who you are! If anyone isn't interested in that than you know you don’t need them in your life. I mean, what the fuck?

Signing off!



I’ve never had the courage to wear my BA underwear or women’s panties in public.
I’ve worn a super short spandex trunk bathing suit on a cruise ship balcony. I was so nervous, but my wife loved it. I’ve suggested that I’d like to wear a speedo at an all inclusive, and she is supportive.
I grew up super religious and that has messed me up.
I want to wear thongs and lace to the gym, but I’m nervous about someone from work seeing me.
I have a. Trip coming up and I plan to go to the gym and wear skimpy lace as a test drive!
I’m actually hoping that I get looks from other guys.
Truth is, I thought my wife would have a problem with me wearing my BA underwear, but she loves them (just not the lace). She wants me to order more skimpy styles to wear around the house!
Thank you BA for helping me inch my way out of my shell.

Ron November 22, 2023

Agreed, I wear a thong and shake my butt and sometimes smack that as well.

Viet March 15, 2022

I have worn womens panties for years. I started wearing my wifes all the time. Then when we were really drunk I came out in her Lulu Lemon thong. She liked it that night.
The next week, she realized I had been wearing and taking all her panties. She yelled at me and said I strecthed some out also. I work out daily and I am veryu skinny, her panties fit me perfect.
One night on vacation with friends, I passed out wasted in our bed. Only in her thong. She took pictures and sent to me. She then began to insult me for it.

I bought my own panties. I wore them all the time.

I love wearing womens yoga pants and panties. I love having panty lines and the thong up my ass.

It is so sexy on women. I have two girlfriends now who have taken videos of my ass walking in yoga pants. My ass in panties. They have admitted to masterbating looking at them.

I wear their panties all the time and send them pics

Mark November 18, 2021
I agree wear what you want,and if anybody says anything.just ignore them,and remember it’s there attitude not yours.Actually I enjoy stripping down to my thong in the locker room.It makes me feel so sexy,and feminine.And I know alot of cute guys are looking at me.And yes I’m gay.
Patrick November 03, 2021

Poolside I am still a bit less confident wearing a thong or G-String. I prefer the Speedo trunk for some reason or the Patriot Swim Trunk by Body Aware. I don’t know why the pool or beach makes me feel less confident to show off as in other areas of my life, like the gym, I have no issues wearing Body Aware manties or even wearing women’s panties. Although this blog is inspiring to risk a little more and to be more confident by the pool or beach! Will be working up the courage! Wish me luck!

Scott August 07, 2020

I feel the same way, when my wife and I vacationed in Mexico this past winter. All I took down where, thongs, G-strings and a few tiny bikini bottoms. Started out on the beach in my tiny bikinis and would cover up if somebody walked by. I finally got brave enough to start wearing thongs. Again covering up when people walked by. We were there for four months. So as time went by i got braver and started wearing some pretty tiny G-strings and the odd sheer and crochet ones as well. I stopped covering up when people approached, thinking to hell with them. I even got braver and did some beach walks in some thongs & G-strings. I got some looks and the odd rude comment, but over all I got more smiles and winks then I did negative comments. So yes the world is changing and so are the attitudes of the people that wear them. I think they are just more accepted. Especially since the bikinis the ladies are wearing are getting smaller and smaller.

Cheers .

Ken July 04, 2020

Gregory’s experience at the university pool is the stuff that dreams are made of. I would have joined you for a few laps in some sexy panties and a poolside drink afterwards. Hanging out together in panties would be exhilarating and freeing, just like in the Victoria Secret commercials, but with guys. (Great idea for a BA ad campaign btw)
My real life experiences however, are often left in the locker room or the showers. Casually taking the time to get dressed while wearing only a hot pink thong or some black lace has never garnered more than a second look from anyone around me. I did get a smile from a guy while I was soaping up in the shower after a swim and wearing only a pair of little white panties. Sure, there might be some people that think I’m bi, but like one of the others said, there are worse things. I do wish bisexuality between men would be more socially accepted. There is no greater rush than to be seen or admired in something sexy and BA has all the right things for that! Love to hear some more stories from other readers!

Aaron April 03, 2020

I am somewhat of a closet-case gay man who loves thongs, i have not met another man in person who can say or admit to love thongs… the stigma is weird. I often wonder if it can be even rude to wear my skimpy thongs in locker rooms. I was advised maybe its inappropriate at my univeristy locker room, for which i wear my “hetero man will be okay with it” underwear… so when is it okay? And not okay?

Wyatt March 12, 2020

I used to work at a university where there was a roof top pool and deck. It was almost always deserted, so I decided to go “what the fuck” and strip down to my panties. Oh, the sun felt so good and it was sooo exciting to be minimally dressed. I never saw another guy around but occasionally there would be groups of coeds. One time one girl asked me if I wanted something to drink. I felt nearly naked walking over and giving them a good look. I’ll admit to an exhibitionist trend. I enjoyed swimming a few laps. Only once was there ever a life guard. I could tell she was doing her best to studiously look away. Once I overheard one of the coeds whispering to another “Don’t look at him.” The only thing which could have made it better would have been if guys regularly hung out there, and one told me how much they liked me panties. I doubt guys would have been shy about enjoying the view, and I would of enjoyed the attention. Keep up the good work, BA. I hope more guys share there stories of letting strangers see their panties.

Gregory March 07, 2020

You know, Darren, I think it is important for bi men to come out and be seen. Bisexuality for women seems normal and accepted, and I think people need to know more men fall on this spectrum than is typically recognized.

Brian February 25, 2020

My experience is pretty much the same as Brian’s. For many years I enjoyed wearing thongs and skimpy underwear only in secret and the feedback from girlfriends was generally negative, or neutral at best.
During a phase when I was single, I decided that I wasn’t going to hide any more. I’d like to claim that I just didn’t care, but in truth I had to screw up quite a bit of courage to strip down to a thong in the changing room at the gym. But, like Brian, I had no negative comments – in fact, I don’t think anybody really paid any attention at all.
Now I’m quite comfortable with being seen in a thong, and even wear one on the beach and at the hotel pool on holiday. Sometimes people look, but that could be just because you don’t see many men dressed that way. My current girlfriend is quite happy to be seen with me, though she does think that some people probably mistake me as gay. There are worse things, and that really, genuinely doesn’t bother me.

Tim February 24, 2020

I love my sexy undies. They make me feel great when I’m walking around my home in them. No body sees me in my horny undies and I’m to paranoid to hang them out to dry. Someone might see them and find out I’m bi.

Darren February 23, 2020

What the fuck indeed! Way to go Brian! Be true to who you and don’t worry about what others think. I say this to you, but also to me, as most often I’m the old version of you, quickly dressing so nobody will see what I’m wearing and judge me.
Too often we judge ourselves by what we perceive others classify as normal. We worry about being judged by strangers who have little to no impact on our daily lives and who we quite likely may never see again! I’ve often wondered how many other men out there would love to wear racy or exotic underwear but never will because of what others think.
As for me, I much prefer some satin or lace bikinis or thongs to a pair of unimaginative floppy cotton boxers or briefs any day of the week.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Gerry February 21, 2020

I agree with Yoshi, this is inspiring. I am really trying to get over my shyness about these kinds of things.

John February 21, 2020

Hi, I can relate! That’s very inspiring! I am super shy and would feel judged even though I love exotic underwear. Thank you for writing that

Yoshi February 20, 2020

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