Poolside Perfection Or Beach Badass Swimwear?

Poolside Perfection Or Beach Badass Swimwear?

So summer time has arrived and so has swimwear weather….dun dun duhhhhhh. If you are like me you probably will open your drawer and find the same tired old pair of trunks that you have had since you can remember. Sure they fit, but there is no style. They are the Dodge Caravan of swimwear. They work but they are a box with no style. So why not this year treat yourself and order a Body Aware swimsuit?

In my last Blog I mentioned the Silver Python Swim Brief and I just cannot say enough about this one. The fit, the unique print and feel makes this one a personal favorite. The contours of the back are amazing at framing your buttocks and the hidden drawstring help make the fit perfect.



Now if you’re not into the flash or the Silver Python why not try The Midnight Swim Brief. The stretch of the fabric helps to create beautiful contours and with its hidden drawstring like the Silver Python will ensure it stays on while swimming. Hit the beach wearing these and you can bet that you will be turning heads. It is spectacular in my books!

Another one from Body Aware that really stands out is the Geometric Swim Brief. The fabric on this one sets it apart from anything you can buy in a big box store. It has seamless front with a slight pouch which make these amazing and with its centre seam at the back they make an amazing framing that will have everyone checking out your assets.



If you're going to be poolside at home with your love this year then I suggest trying a few of the amazing thong swimwear that Body Aware offers. I love the George Swim Thong with its amazing shaped thong back and gorgeous impressionist print you can’t go wrong. If you want more of a hard-core look to your swim briefs then I recommend trying The Camo Neoprene Bulge Brief. It’s super comfortable and the bulge pouch makes it one that will keep your lover wanting to play 'Marco Polo' with you all night.

One that I feel deserves a special mention though is the Holograph Swim Brazilian.  Its bright, it’s sexy, it’s not quite a thong but yet not quite a brief.  Pool side or beach side this bad boy can be worn making this a truly sexy pair of swim briefs. It really makes your backside an amazing feature and the shimmer of the fabric when wet cannot be beat.



So this year before heading to the beach why not treat yourself? Grab some swim briefs/thongs/trunks from Body Aware and start your summer off in the right direction. Now I haven’t asked in a while but if you could suggest some swimwear that Body Aware could create what would it be?

I would love to know and I know Body Aware would too.

Until next time my friends, enjoy your summer and remember you deserve sexy swimwear!


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