Traveling with My Underwear

Traveling with My Underwear

Isn’t it nice to get away? I just love to travel and pre COVID saw me in many faraway places like Key West, Aruba, Ibiza, and Hawaii.  Now, with the travel restrictions and the fear of COVID looming around every corner, I have recently began traveling but only to the “safe places”: Places that do not require me to quarantine at home for 14 days. 

These get-away’s are quick hits, no more than three or four days, no more than three or four hours from home.  Since working from home is anywhere with a WiFi connection, it is easy to pick up and go!

Recently, I travelled to Provincetown, MA with my SO. PTown, as it is known, is a destination spot for many in the LGTBQ community but it is also home to many great beaches, nature trails and great Portuguese food!  If you have never been, it is probably one of the wildest places in the US. The main drag is Commercial Street and there is plenty of drag to view there.  Although not gay, I enjoy the vibe in this quaint fisherman town as the freedom to express yourself in any manner is accepted openly.

The National Seashore is amazing! The views are spectacular and Race Point often has seal sightings and sometimes even Great White sightings!  The nature trails that intertwine with the National Seashore are filled with dunes, trees, birds and other wild life so bring your camera.  I enjoyed walking through these wearing my Body Aware Anywhere Shorts and Mesh Tank.  The built in G-String in the shorts make them very comfortable and you can feel confident that your frank and beans will not spill out while hiking.

After cooling off at the Truro Vineyard, I headed back to town and jumped into my Body Aware Modern Leggings and a Red Satin T-Shirt and headed out for some local Wellfleet oysters and a cold Pacifico. The vibe in PTOWN is pretty much anything goes and nobody cares or comments negatively on what you wear around town.  They are a very supportive community and I received many positive comments on my leggings and satin shirt.  The fit and feel of the leggings is amazing on my athletic build and the satin shirt was just right for the humid day I was enjoying.

Nightlife is not as wild as it once was with COVID restrictions in place so you have to order food at every stop in order to grab a drink.  I long for the days when this wasn’t the case but understand the new reality.  I stopped and had a great fisherman stew and chilled with a few more beers as the evening progressed.  I got even more compliments on my Body Aware outfit and many asked where they could get them.  

If Body Aware ever opened a brick and mortar location, PTWON would be the perfect place!  I shopped the streets and found many nice brands of men’s “manties” and clothes but they were overpriced when compared to the quality and value that Body Aware offers.  Although, I will admit, there were a few more styles when compared to Body Aware.

So, dust off the overnight bag, fill up the tank and head out to a nearby destination. The restaurants, hotels and shops could all use our support while the weather is still warm!  

Enjoy and stay safe!


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Nice blog and very informational! Like to pack that bag and get out of town! At this point, I’d pay an airport Chili’s $500 just to sit at their bar and drink a flat beer and stale chips and salsa. Stay safe!


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