What Is American Sexy?

What Is American Sexy?
The other day, I was trying to decide what outfit to wear for a wedding. It got me thinking. One of the things that make life so interesting is our differences. Think of what life would be like if we all liked the same music, movies, food, and clothes. As I explored the topic I started thinking about what sexy means to me personally.

I like to feel sexy when I go out and I think a lot of us do. I'm not the kind of guy who will run to Dunkin Donuts in my sweats, t-shirt that I've slept in and my hair a mess. I want to look good and feel good when I'm out. That usually starts with my underwear. I LOVE to wear underwear and to me less is definitely more. I like the feeling of of being barely covered. Sexy for me is a g-string or a thong. It's even better for me if the item is sheer. That way I feel naked but I have that extra layer of material between my boys and my pants. Right now my favorite is the Raspberry G-string. It provides minimal coverage, the color is AMAZING and it's sheer. Like wearing nothing at all but I'm still covered.

Thinking about color. Sexy to me also means bright colors. I have hundreds of pairs of underwear but only a few of them are white or black. Sexy to me has to include bright colors. Blue, green, yellow and pink, yes PINK are some of my favorites. My partner loves seeing me in pink and I know we're going to have fun if they see me wearing a barely there pink pair of undies. Wearing pink also let's out a bit of my feminine side and to me that's also sexy. 

I would say that what I find sexy on others matches what makes me feel sexy. I want to see my partner in bright colors that barely cover them and preferably sheer. To me I'd rather see a model in a sheer g-string than completely nude. That just does it for me.

But what about you? What does sexy mean to you? What is sexy in your country? Let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear what you think. It may even give us some ideas for new items and styles!

As for my outfit for the wedding? It was on a beach in Florida and very casual so it was a button down shirt with a whimsical print, shorts and sandals (without socks of course) and my sheer pink G-string underneath. I felt really sexy, especially in the warm, sunny breeze!

Hope you have a great week and again Happy New Year!


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American Sexy is the acceptance of being confident in your body and expressing yourself as an individual seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! To me, Old Glory is the beacon of freedom which allows me to do what I do and others to do what they do. I could care less what you do so long as it doesn’t hurt me or negatively affect me. Body Aware is an extension of our personal freedom! We can wear these manties with pride! Show them off when we want and where we want and with who we want! The appeal of the product to me is the way they help instill confidence and sexual energy. The Satin Glossy Brief is awesome in red! Now we need a white and blue version to pay tribute to our great nation!


Pink sheer is my favourite Brazilian cut or thong. My honey loves to see my cheeks and banana front. Makes him so hungry and hot.


Pink medium control panties over women’s g string w/ butt plug. My men in women’s satin bikini panties with lace trim.


My fav is a sheer womens G string Denis

Denis Smith

I agree with him, I love the less is more philosophy, and definitely rather see my partner in his g or thong( bright colors) it just gets my motor running. Yes love the raspberry g. Our favorite


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