Ode to the Brief

Ode to the Brief

I think it is safe to say that I pursue a playful, expressive and experimental approach to my underwear. Over the years, I’ve experimented wearing suede undies, women’s panties, g-strings, lace, garter belts, satin, thongs, jocks, crotchless undies, really a whole array styles, cuts and fabrics. And yet the thing I come back to time and again, more than anything, is a very simple, well-made brief, and many of my favorites made of blended fibers. So maybe we can take a look at what makes this such a great choice.

I know that briefs can be a lot of things, from the skimpiest and sexist of garments to the most basic y-fronts, but I am thinking of something in between, something basic and designed for everyday use, but still with a lot of style. Here are a few thoughts I have to share:

  • To me, cut is everything. Even in hot and humid weather and when I am doing big projects around the house, I like to wear briefs that look great and help me to feel good. A nice pair of briefs never sacrifices your look, and should always help show your assets! Sex appeal is really always part of the equation for me, and a brief with a good cut and look is essential. I like briefs that are minimal but still provide full coverage and support, that are flexible but always keep their shape (have you tried The Perky Brief?).

  • The fabric is also essential. While I love wearing really tight micro fibers, let’s face it, that is always the right choice on really hot and humid summer days. Some of my favorite fabric these days are modal and rayon. I like the TLC Brief, which comes in an incredible array of colors (I personally love the red and sky blue) and it is really perfect for everyday use. I find that modal and rayon mix the best of natural and synthetic fibers all into one. They are, supportive, flexible, keep their shape even with frequent use, have a little stretch, and still have that extra something that looks great and helps me to feel confident and good about myself! I also really love nylon – stretchy, sleek, a hint of transparency, and very breathable – check out the Whisper Soft Mesh Brief or the Mesh Contour Brief for some of my favorite nylon.

  • Color is everything for me. A little flash and bling make all the difference, and translate into comfort and confidence all day long. The days of tighty-whities are long gone for me; I like some pizazz, and good colors always bring it.

I could go on and on about briefs, because really the varieties are infinite, but today I want to keep it to the basics. I’ll be honest and say that thongs are my favorite underwear, but briefs are what I wear the most. Comfort, support, and fashion, when done right the simplest of things really can still be the best.

Let us know below which briefs encompass everything you are looking for in the perfect pair of underwear.


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With your descriptions of various interests in underwear over time you are a man after my heart! My number one requirement in underwear is that it feels senuous when worn…..skimpy is great but appreciate trunks, etc as well! Enjoy your underwear!

Michael L

Nice! Brief and to the point ;)


I’ll be brief:
Anything by Body Aware is good and I wear them all differently depending on mood and day. Favorite lately is the Glossy Satin Wrap Brief but only because the Glossy Satin Tanga has been out of stock!


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