Fresh Neutrals for Sleek Style

At BodyAware, we love giving you guys as many colors as possible to choose from in an array of styles of underwear and other items. However, we know everyone has to have their neutrals. Due to this, we will be adding more new styles in all black! Black is something you can’t go wrong with wearing. It looks good on everyone, and is very flattering on various body types. Plus, black can be incorporated into any wardrobe easily and it will make you look amazing! Some of these new items may even become staple pieces in your wardrobe.


Before getting into all of the new items, we have our Neon Soft Leggings now available in black just waiting to be yours. These sleek leggings are excellent for those times you want to keep it cool and casual at the gym or out and about after a workout. You can even throw on a pair of colorful shorts over the leggings and go for a run while it’s still a bit chilly out. So you don't have to sacrifice wearing your favorite workout wear while its not quite warm enough to wear just shorts. 



Another edgy pair of leggings we’ll be getting in are these mesh leggings in black, which will have an even slimmer fit at the ankle! There’s always something fun and risqué about wearing mesh items. So we also decided, why not make a catsuit out of mesh? The mesh catsuit will have cap sleeves and you’ll be able to get yourself in and out of the suit with a zipper! Of course, the catsuit will come in black too. If that isn’t sexy, then we don’t know what is.



Lastly, we've been very excited about these two bodysuits! One will be a long sleeve bodysuit with a hood, which would be perfect to wear on its own, or under a pair of jeans and a hoodie, or a cool jacket you own. Our other bodysuit is a cap sleeve bodysuit with a jock style back made out of the same material as our Showstopper Bodysuits. We’re pretty sure you’ll feel like a cool superhero while wearing these two items, so it's okay if you suddenly feel even more confident while wearing them!


Which items are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below! 

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I am most looking forward to the bodysuits and then the leggings.
Bodysuits are the most under rated item of clothing. They look amazing with any bottom whether it be jeans or a skirt.
A thong bottom is super sexy under tight fitting jeans and leggings.
Body suits make you feel super sexy and you never become un-tucked.
They are at home for casual wear, for your power walk or jog or just relaxing at home.
Yep, Bodysuits rock.

Steve February 24, 2017

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