Move Over Wonder Woman, Bodysuits Are For Guys Too!

Move Over Wonder Woman, Bodysuits Are For Guys Too!

Bodysuits were first introduced in the 1950's as a variation of the leotard. Made famous by Playboy bunnies and Wonder Woman they quickly became popular as a base layer for many women. So why you might ask are they now available for men and why does Body Aware have the largest selection around (dare I say globally)? Both are great questions that hopefully through this blog entry I can help answer.

First, let’s talk about the benefits of men wearing a bodysuit. The first obvious benefit is that it looks and feels sexy. Body Aware makes the sexiest bodysuits for men. There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from (satin, mesh, ribbed, thong, and full brief) that it might seem overwhelming but let’s move onto the next benefit and it should help with the fabric and style choices.



Next benefit we have to consider is that unlike an undershirt you don’t have to worry about them coming untucked. Huge bonus to anyone wearing a dress shirt to the office, or anyone doing anything outside where the weather is cooler. With the various styles, it makes them easy to conceal under any clothing. You can have them appear to look like an undershirt with the ribbed fabric, or if you go for the mesh or satin for a hint of excitement for your significant other. Also a great choice to lounge around the house in and feel good.



But how do you put them on you might ask? Well that my friend is easier then you can imagine. For the thong style and a couple others, they are considered to be "step-in". So just like a pair of underwear you would gather up the fabric slide it on, pull it up and bingo!! Sexy to the max. If the style has closures in the crotch area then these we can put on like a shirt and pull it down our midsection and over our hips. I found that to fasten the closures, it was easily done if I was sitting on a chair or laying on my bed. Again, sexy to the max!! What style would you consider, step-in or closures? Let me know as I am always curious to know what people prefer.



Men’s Underwear doesn’t have to be boring. It can be exciting to wear and make us as men feel attractive or dare I even say sexy. So why not give a bodysuit a try. It’s really hard not to love the feeling.

So until we blog again my friends remember that you deserve to feel sexy and ‘I pity the fool who doesn’t love Body Aware’!


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Please bring back the t shirt bodysuit! John said they were in production but that was last year… it’s been at least 6 months. Looking for alternatives now


Bodysuit with snap crotch are most comfortable with wide flat strap at the shoulder to eliminate shoulder and neck pain after prolong all day wearing it.
atleast 1½ to 2 Inches wide shoulder strap will be welcome.
Type of fabric:- elastane with spandex
for smoothest feeling.
Or 97% cotton spandex for winter
Colour :- all types of white color
next. :- skin color, light chocolate color

E Sohtun

I only wear t-shirt style full seat brief bottom bodysuit underwear. Have worn only bodysuit underwear for 25 years. I couldn’t imagine wearing any other kind of underwear.


I had a few bodysuits but I always used them as underwear, mainly because Im a little shy. One they I decided to go to the club only using my bodysuit and some denim pants, it felt so great because I always enjoyed the feeling of the fabrics but that day I enjoyed more my companion feeling it. Also caused many of the attendants tu turn their loo to me because I was the only man using a bodysuit. Great feeling. Now I have increases the number of bodysuits on my dressung room and I only use the when clubbing.


Found this blog and very curious, interested to try a bodysuit. I have a swimmer’s build and ideally would love one that I could wear during the day with skinny jeans, for a look like the photo of the guy on the motorcycle. What do you guys think and what would you recommend? Of course I don’t want it to show, don’t want people to see that I’m wearing it – want it to ideally look like a fitted shirt.


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