Model Interview: Steven Dehler

Model Interview: Steven Dehler

Age: 33

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 185 lbs

Eyes: blue

Shoe size: 10.5

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Nationality: USA

Favorite color: blue

Favorite food: sushi

Favorite drink: tequila

Turn-ons: humor

Best feature: eyes

Favorite TV show: Family Guy

Favorite movie: Spy

Favorite book: Meg 

Favorite music genre: Pop

Favorite motto: “The greatest revenge is roaring success” - Frank Sinatra and “I’m always learning. The tombstone is my diploma.” - Eartha Kitt

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Emoji that best describes you: 🤪

Cats or dogs: both

How did you first get into modeling?

A photographer in Palm Springs reached out to me via MySpace back in 2006. I worked with a lot of photographers from 2006-2008 to build my portfolio and experience. I stopped in 2008 to focus on school until 2011 when I started to pursue modeling again.

Is modeling your main gig at the moment, or do you have any other endeavors that you’re going for?

Due to COVID-19, my other job dancing has been halted for the time being. Fortunately, I’ve been able to maintain some modeling work during this unusual time. 

Besides BodyAware, What is your dream modeling gig?

I’d really love to book the cover of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines. As for brands; I’ve always wanted to be in a Guess ad. 

What interests you most about modeling?

I’d say I’ve worked with at least 40 photographers over the years and I’m always learning new things with each photographer I work with. I love working with photographers who have super creative ideas that take me out of my comfort zone. 

What and/or who inspires you most as a model?

I’m inspired by my peers in the industry. Whenever I see an image I absolutely love, first I get peeved I didn’t think of it first, but then it inspires me to emulate it next time. 

Do you think there is a stigma against men wearing "skimpy" underwear? If so, why do you think the stigma is there?

Absolutely. Men are raised to be uncomfortable with their femininity; that it somehow relates to weakness. It’s ridiculous because I personally feel women are much stronger beings than men. However, as times are progressing and gender perception is changing I definitely see a lot more men being confident and comfortable feeling sexy in “skimpy” underwear.


How do you prepare for a photoshoot?

I’m usually always photoshoot ready because many times I’ll have just 24 hours notice. Since gyms have been closed for the last few months, I’ve had to really adjust my habits and routine at home to compensate for the lack of physical exercise I’m able to do. 

Do you manscape?   

Yep, I’m not a fan of hair plus I pretty much have to be hairless to model the items I model ha ha. 


How many times a week do you work out and what’s your favorite routine?

Pre-COVID-19 I was working out twice a day, 5 days a week. Currently, I work out about 45 min to an hour a day - Can’t wait until the gyms reopen... 

What is your favorite style of underwear?  

I personally like to wear thongs. I feel sexy in them plus I wear leggings and form-fitted pants most of the time (nobody likes panty lines. ;)

What do you like about BodyAware?

I like that there’s a variety in options from conservative to very “skimpy”. Many of the cuts are very unique. 

What’s your favorite pair of BodyAware underwear?

I enjoyed modeling the blue sheer items (the leggings and the thong). The color really pops! 

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with and with what three items?

My best friend. We’d probably have a cell phone, a pen cap, and pepper spray because we’d be absolutely useless if ever stranded on a deserted island. 


A moment where you felt the most proud?  

When I finally got my DNA magazine cover on their Sexiest Men Alive issue. That was a pretty cool moment. 

Where can we find you on the web?

IG: @Theonlysteven

Twitter: @StevenDehler

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James Kindle (who I think has been your best model ever!) and now Steven – great stuff. Look forward to seeing Steven in some of your skimpier lines. (And will never say never to more of Mr Kindle 😊)


Thanks for sharing. Stay humble and kewl and you’ll go far with that attitude.


What a nice interview. DNA got it right! Congrats on your success and wish the best with what’s to come. If he never get’s that Guess ad, well, Guess missed out on something spectacular.


Great interview. Steven certainly looks good after turning 30!!!!!! Wished I body like that when I turned the other side of 30 all those years ago! There again I never went to the gym ( no social gyms around then in those days). So all those grueling sessions by Steven has certainly paid off. Good luck in his career.


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