Manscaping... Bare or Hair?

Manscaping, we all have done it at least once in our lives and for many of us it is part of our regular grooming regime. I really would love to know what sort of Manscape are you into. Are you a forest is where the fun hides, a hardwood court all the way or perhaps you are an astro turf kind of guy (favorite team logo shaved into your field lol)? Why do you prefer this and what helped you decide? In this blog article I want you, my friends to share with me your manscaping secrets in the comment section.



I know for me I used to like to keep everything astro turfed (neatly trimmed), but I found out later from my spouse she really wanted me with a hardwood court below the belt. Now if you’re a hardwood court owner too I would love to know if you’re both above and below the belt. I know some runners, swimmers and weight lifters prefer this look and I have often wondered about it myself. I also would really love to know what sort of products you use to achieve this look (razor, cream, waxing or laser).



Now if you’re an astro turf type of guy how often do you trim and what sort of tools do you use to complete the job? I know for me a good beard trimmer does an amazing job and doesn’t cause any pulling or discomfort. Is this true for you too or do you prefer to go all old school and bust out a pair of scissors (yikes)? Like above, I also have to know does your astro turf run the entire length of the field?


Finally, we get to the Forest manscapers and I really want to know is there any sort of up keep you do and again is this true for both above and below?



I know, I know that was a lot of questions in a short period of time so let me break these down into a questionnaire we can reply to through the poll and in the comments. I think this will be a fun exercise that will allow us to share with one another our grooming techniques and why we chose them. Let’s get started shall we?


I really hope that you will play along and share with us your manscaping choices. It’s a great way to share and learn from one another and who knows, maybe you will find a new style or technique!


Until next time my friends.


BA Blogger.



Just like Erick (2019), I have been shaving since I was a teen. I also love the feel of silky/satin panties on my shaved cock & balls. For me, it started when I was just a youngster with little/no pubic hair. Mom & both sisters all wore nylon panties. Back then, women’s nylon panties had a double layer of nylon in the crotch and NO cotton lining like they do now day’s.
Even growing up, I would now & then wear my sisters panties to school…straight from the clothes hamper. It would feel so sexy to feel my hairless privates rubbing on the crotch of their nylon panties that to this very day, I STILL remove the cotton lining from EVERY pair of panties that I buy.
My ex g/f would always wear her nylon panties to bed as we also would remove the cotton lining from her panties as well and had a lot of fun with them as well. About 80% of my panties are women’s panties in a variety of colors.

Ron February 19, 2022

Completely bare from head to toes. Started with shaving many years ago, progressed to waxing so I didn’t have to shave as much, then finally had it all lasered off. Love the look of a completely smooth male body! For a nudist with an exhibitionist tendency, love the look I get from others when I am strutting around on the beach!

RT November 10, 2020

I have been shaving down there for 20 years. I was totally bare for 15 now I have a small patch and I will never go back to all hair especially on my balls. There is nothing more erotic than very light touching with no hair. My suggestion would be do not use a brand new razor shave somewhere else once or twice then shave down there. With a little baby oil mixed with a little lubricant will really enhance a very very incredible and intense mind blowing orgasm. Enjoy and let me know with a reply.

mav April 18, 2020

I’ve been manscaping for many years. I shave my underarms regularly, and keep my penis area neatly shaved and trimmed. I shave my stomach, and thighs. I do it because for me, it looks cleaner, neater, and my skin feels much softer and better. A woman I dated in the past loved that I did this for the same reasons I do it.

Michael January 17, 2020

I am now in my early 70s and am mostly bare everywhere. First played with shaving legs and chest about 25 years ago. Cyclists made leg trimming look good. At first I was shy of my bare chestbut now am not embarrassed at all. I also have used creams on my back but now have wax regularly.
I mostly shave down under though if on a visit to the city I try to get a wax. Gives a much better finish. There is not any one who looks dafter men in my small town. I have had 1 IPL laser recently but unable to have follow up treatments, though I think it has made shaving more effective and not needing as frequent shaving.
All in all if I had known of the art as a young man I would have been bare for 50 years. To all go for whatever benefits you the most and enjoy the clean feeling and body

Brian M December 09, 2019

Smooth down below both sides is the only way shave everything other day in shower love the look feel and hey I do it for me !!! That’s all that matters!

Ed December 06, 2019

I like to shave the complete area, it makes the whole package so much sensitive! I also really like wearing bikini underwear, which holds everything perfectly. And my wife enjoys it very much as well!!!

Chase October 14, 2019

I get waxed everything off I love the look and I feel it is hygienic to, just have to get in some funny positions for the waxer lol put it this way there is no ball left unturned .
Would never have hair there again.

Gabriel October 02, 2019

I shave my armpits once per week, and totally shave the banana and balls. Use hair remover in my crack. So, yes, I manscape. My wife doesn’t like that I manscape. She thinks it perverted and thinks that my bikini underwear and perverted, too. Love being smooth, and wearing skimpy underwear with no pubes sticking out! My favorite Body Aware underwear is the Essential Ribbed Bikini Underwear!

Michael August 31, 2019

I’ve been Completely Shaved Clean since my teens. I enjoy the feel and look of being Shaved. The Sexy Feel Of A Satin String Bikini Is Enhanced By Being Hairless. Plus My BodyAware Tanga’s Always Look There Best Without Hair Being Around.

Erik August 19, 2019

I’ve been manscaping now for over 10 years. A smooth body along with some astro turf is far better than full hair. It is much cooler in the warm state that I live in. If you ever try it you wont go back and more than likely just trim more

Jeff October 03, 2018

I try stay about 80 to 90% shaved at all times .Doing the hard court thing is just too much work & the 1st half of the week can be irritating. Guess I’m not doing it right? ..

Mason September 08, 2018

I am hardwood from nipples to my ankles. Being completely smooth from your chest to your ankles is a wonderful daily experience. I have used an epilator on my legs, genitails, and chest for 7 years. In many areas, especially my legs, the hair has stopped growing back altogether. I maintain the area below the belt by epilating once every 3 to 4 weeks. Epilating takes getting use to it. You need a certain threshold to pain at first use. However, after a few applications the hair roots get weak and in many areas stop growing. It’s a very small price to pay for being baby smooth. My wife loves the look, cleanliness, and the feel. So do I. I have been a customer of BodyAware for many years. I love your panties.

Dave April 02, 2018

Being fully shaven or almost fully shaven is the way to go more confident looks better and they all can focus more on the package they are going to get !

Sam April 02, 2018

I have been shaving down below and above for sometime now, I like the look and it feels great when wearing low cut underwear or G-string thong and or regular thongs or when sunning in a G-String thong swim suit. They don’t cover much but so hot and sexy. Also very hot when you want to sun bathe nude.

John April 02, 2018

Love your products

Jay April 01, 2018

looking forward to seeing what your product are and how they feel against my clean hardwood!

george March 16, 2018

Love your products

Mike ferrone March 14, 2018

I have so much hair it’s more like crop sheering. I hate my hair and have to landscape on a regular basis. For me it’s a #1 above the belt and my Norelco and JO shave for a hard court. Nice, clean and smooth….pretty tasty!

Tiki March 14, 2018

My body hair regime is a bit erratic – it depends on my mood, the season and whether I’m about to go on vacation (generally ‘dress optional’ resorts) but I’ve been completely free of hair “downstairs” – front, back and in between – since college. I used to shave; I’ve tried creams but now I’m waxed every three to four weeks for the best results. I can’t imagine any other form of hair removal – it’s fast, reasonably painless and effective.

Kevin Williams March 07, 2018

I shave completely below the belt. Love the look and the feel. Nothing as sexy looking on any man as completely shaved

Nelson March 04, 2018

I’m a fan of losing as much body hair below the armpits as possible but if you want a better survey, try and build one. I love all of your products by the way!

Guy February 28, 2018

I have been shaving down below for sometime now, I like the look and it feels great when wearing low cut underwear or none at all.

Craig February 27, 2018

I had hardwood court starting in high school, caught some grief in the locker room cause of it but I liked it so didn’t pay attention to them. Started doing the full body in college. Now in my forties I have installed turf down below the belt just for a difference and to show my age a little.

Michael February 24, 2018

Because all the bumps I get when I shave with a razor I usually use a trimmer. I have tried many ways of not getting bumps but that’s not the case. I used to trimmer to get a very close trim. Sometimes I leave a little bit of more hair in the pubic area. I’m wearing a thong or cheeky underwear almost exclusively every day so I manscape

RT February 22, 2018

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